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Hello my name is Jerral Campfield and this web site is dedicated to Moral Recognition Therapy using Biblical principles. Please come back often to join me in understanding Gods hands are outstretched still to forgive.

The Power of the Holy Spirit all Father need today
Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Friday, 15 June 2018

I am posting this for as a Father I am so thankful for the way the Holy Spirit has guide me throughout my life while in High School and being married 61 years having four boys. I am so thankful for the evidence of the Holy Spirit in my life while working in the woods on the Yakama Indian Reservation for 10 years, farming for 15 Ministry 36 years 4 in Onalaska, 13 in San Fernando, Acton CA and Lancaster CA., 10 in Yakima working with the Yakima Sheriff’s Department as a Chaplain then 9 years as the minister in Harrah WA at the Harrah Assembly of God. 

I was saved at 12 and filled with the Holy Spirit shortly after and know what it is like to speak in other tongues and see people slain in the spirit falling to the ground without a catcher and no one getting hurt. Seeing people laugh in the Spirit as they were so happy they could not contain themselves. So being a Pentecostal I have seen the wild fire water in control and out of control as they did what they wanted to do without the Holy Spirit guiding and leading them. 
The question asked of Pastor Dawson MacAllister is very powerful. For I to feel his answer is very good.
Q. The Bible talks about being led by the Holy Spirit. Can you tell me how the Holy Spirit works in my life?
A. I'm glad you're interested in the Holy Spirit, because it's impossible to follow God unless we are led by the Spirit. And the only way to be led by the Spirit is to follow God's command to be filled by the Spirit (Ephesians 5:18). Interestingly, God contrasts being filled with the Spirit with being drunk. Somebody who is drunk with wine or alcohol is controlled by and consumed by alcohol. But somebody who is "drunk in the Spirit" is controlled and consumed by the Spirit, who helps us live holy lives.
How are we filled with the Spirit? The Holy Spirit entered you when you decided to give your life to Christ, to become a Christian. But we need to continually ask the Holy Spirit to lead us, to guide us, to help us do the things God wants us to do. When we're growing as Christians, we should allow the Spirit to take control over more and more areas of our lives.
The Holy Spirit plays many roles. You can read about some of them in these passages: John 14:15-27, John 16:5-15, Romans 8:1-17, Galatians 5:16-26.
In John 14, for example, Jesus says the Holy Spirit will comfort us when we're hurting. "I will not leave you as orphans," Jesus says (14:18), promising that the Spirit will bring us peace (14:27).
Jesus also says the Spirit will help us recall the things we've learned about God (14:26)—which also means the Spirit will help us when we tell others about our faith.
In John 16, Jesus refers to the Spirit as a "Counselor" who will guide us in our everyday lives. One way he'll guide us is by convicting us of sin (16:8). And this is really a good thing: God wants us to get rid of the things that displease him, and the only way to identify those things is to be convicted by the Spirit. The Spirit works through our conscience to make us aware of sin in our lives.



Thank the Lord he loves us but do we love Him!
Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Friday, 08 June 2018

Thank the Lord He loves us for He created us and wants us to live in a way that we can be a blessing to one another regardless of the country we might be raised in. Life is very hard when we are not taught how to love for love is not only seen, it is felt and when it is a Godly love it satisfies every longing of the body, soul and spirit. Love is a gift that God gave in the Old Testament as He gave us a law to obey and when it is obeyed we experience love and hate war. Then in the New Testament he showed us what love is by being crucified on a cross after healing the blind, the lame, the dumb, those who could not hear and even cast out demons and rose people from the dead, all because of His love. Then the world He grew up in hated Him and asked He be crucified on a cross, and He did not resist but when to the cross willingly as they cut His body with a cat of knives like stones, or bones, cruel and He could of called for ten thousand angles but didn’t. He did it to show how much He loved His creation. He died and was put in a grave and the grave could not hold Him, but He arose the third day, and return for 40 day to show He was alive to do more miracles then just before He lift for Heaven He said I will give you another comforter who will be in you to empower you to serve Me and glorify me throughout your world. The Church is still the greatest force for good will and peace in our world regardless of the tradition or religious persuasion. God or Father gave us His Son and the Son gave us the Holy Spirit that we might be a light to all that are blind by the sins of the world. 
When we look around we see many religions and many do not know Christ as they do not follow the Lord but follow men and spirits that have passed away as leader and find themselves helpless in conquering the lust for evil. It is the Christian world that is a living testimony as Ambassadors for the Kingdom of God that is seen helping out the neglected throughout the world as they have a heart for giving love. It is shown in how they are out preaching the good news Jesus saves as we accept His way, truth and life found in the world of God. 
So I trust your in that number with your sin covered in the Blood of the Lamb of God which is the greatest gift ever given by the man child Jesus. 
Do you know Jesus is the question still today that needs to be answered by mankind if you’re going to enjoy heaven splendor? His arms are reaching out to all to come unto Him and He will give you rest when evil is all around for the evil is not going to addict us to where we are headed to hell.
I am concerned with who you are, and where you are? As your either a child of the Lord or a slave for the devil and all his host.
So all you need to do is come to the Lord and He will save you and allow you to grow in the vine as John 15 describes so clearly, for God is the Gentleman Farmer that knows who you are and what you need to produce good heavenly fruit that is good for all mankind. Remember who you are, a Child created by God to bring goodwill and peace so you’re not controlled by Satan, but Godly advice.
I just want Gods best for all who are reading anything I might have written on these post, for I know Jesus is the answer to all our problems that want to destroy our lives from being a blessing. So choose to accept Him and follow Him so you can obey Him and have the joy of the Lord as your strength!

My concerns for the Yakama Reservation!
Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Tuesday, 05 June 2018

I would like to share what is going on in my world living in Harrah, Washington and seeing what people are doing to make themselves feel good. Many are involved in doing what they want to do and have no regard for what the Lord wants from us, even when He created us all for goodwill and peace. It seems like that is not wanted for the desire we have is to please ourselves for whatever it is we lust for. Alcohol and drugs have addicted many to wanting more and the more they have the more they want for they never give satisfaction. So it is insane to think they are good for us in bring success. Then we see divorce compounded in the Yakama Indian Reservation and kids having to live with Grand Parents or Aunties or Uncles which are not able to correct and discipline for the law is against discipline like what happen in the past and in the Biblical area. Spanking is not a word that brings discipline it is a word of abuse and we see that abuse in relationship in the home, on the job, in the schools and our recreational lives. We are seeing more and more violence in our homes all for the simple reason our court system seems to frown on seeing any type of corporate or single discipline, so anything goes. Which is seen in how many teenagers are living together with no supervision and per- pressure become the guiding force. So, suicide and addictions to other evils is rampant causing our law enforcement to not be able to address criminal activity many times on the Reservation. 
We are seeing the evidence of doing it my way cause a lot of heart ache and pain to where many have lost the power of doing something about the shame that should get us to clean up our homes, yards and lives to where we can be proud of who we are, and not complain and become bitter to where we to can’t be good and do what is right. 
Let’s take a look at who created our world and what He wants from all of us. God did not make a mistake, He planted in tree in the garden of good and evil and told man not to eat it. Yet Satan said if they ate it they would be like God know right from wrong! Yet the women gave to man and they both ate and had to hide. The women saw, desired, took and ate and gave to her husband and they both had to hid, Shame entered their lives, for they did what God said not to. This is in Genesis 2 and 3 and needs to be read and understood for we can be restored into the way God created us to be. 
This is the way, truth and life we need to understand to be set free of shame and guilt that condemns us to be depressed and carless of what we have. People’s lives are important and this is the first day of the rest of my life as it is yours, if you’re alive. Let’s make sure we surrender to His way, for we are all sinner and the wages of sin is death Romans 3:23 but the gift of God is eternal life Romans 6:23. So the question is what do you want sin to reign and rule, or do you want the Lord to have his way? 
I do not want to see anyone suffer but have eternal life now while they can think and know the difference between good and evil. 
Look at the corruption and filthy conditions of many homes on the Reservation and you see many time filth at the greatest degree, junk cars, junk trash, weeds, boats, and other objects that are past being usable and yet clutter yards. Then we think we can’t get rid of them for some one’s spirits are in them. No, it is the spirit of shame and no one cares for love seems to be gone from or vocabulary. I am sorry for this can only be corrected when shame and conviction make us want to do something about our condition and environment we live in and we go to work in cleaning up the messes we created in the first place caused by our laziness of foolishness. 
My heart wants to love what all God created and I pray that God’s blessing will become reality as we learn to abide in the vine as John 15 tells us to do. All I want to do is tell you God loves us we love you and I hope you love the Lord and want God best in your heart and life so you do not have to hide but let God provide what He has in store for you to become what God created you to become and that is more like Him and less like the enemy of our souls Satan.
I pray our two laws will become one united law that has respect for all persons regardless of race or color, so we can be saved from the onslaught of the enemy.
So, I hope your seeing God has a law that governs our universe and wants to control mankind so we can live for goodwill and peace. Then we can rejoice and be glad for God is having His way, truth and life in our lives as we are dedicated to working for the Kingdom of Gods.

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