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Hello my name is Jerral Campfield and this web site is dedicated to Moral Recognition Therapy using Biblical principles. Please come back often to join me in understanding Gods hands are outstretched still to forgive.

Enrichment from Pew to Ministry Part 16
Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Friday, 13 July 2007




Paul is concluding his epistle to the Romans with a great deal of thankfulness for all who were a part of his life. Giving honor to where honor is due, plus making sure people accept those whom he got to know. He was showing love at the greatest degree, which is needed to be seen in the Church today. We are brethren and need to show our appreciation by thinking and speaking well of other Christians. Verse 20 the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you, what a statement of endearment.

Now lets look a little closer at who Paul really was, as he opened up the chapter with Romans 16:1 (NKJV) 1 I commend to you Phoebe our sister, who is a servant of the church in Cenchrea.  Cenchrea was a small sea coast town close to Corinth and she was a deaconess in Cenchrea, whose duties were to make sure the needs of the women where met, who were new Christians. Helping them get ready for Baptism and helping the sick and those in prison, and to attend to all matters of the Church, which could not be performed by men. You may wonder today the reason for so many women being a part of the Churches, it’s always been that way it seems. The men are just being there, minding their own business. Let’s get involved men and do our part in making sure the Kingdom of God does not suffer in anyway.

He goes on to say,  Romans 16:2 (NKJV) that you may receive her in the Lord in a manner worthy of the saints, and assist her in whatever business she has need of you; for indeed she has been a helper of many and of myself also. It appears she was a women of wealth and liked to share what she had with others. Paul was blessed by her and how many times have women been a part of our lives and we are blessed, not in a loving relationship, but in a Godly relationship of being a blessing by there personality of caring. She was like a sister to Paul and that is a word of endearment. It is difficult many times to allow people of the opposite sex to get close to us to be a blessing. Society has been so hurt by friendships gone bad, that it is very difficult to trust one another even in the Church. Lord help us to be a blessing to all we meet regardless of race, origin, or sexuality. Note she has need of you to entertain you, let her, is what Paul was encouraging the Christians to do. Encouragement is never out of style, especially in these last days. I hope you’re a person that can empower people to be what God desires them to be. Not a put down to people, but a lifter up of all people you might meet.

Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Friday, 06 July 2007

       WHAT A TRIP!


Ginny and I arrived back home after covering 2300 miles and seeing 70 friends in CA. It was a trip we will never forget, because it gave us memories of a life time. We had many highlights, one was seeing one of our group home boys in prison in Blythe, CA for 5 ½ hours. He is beginning to realizing who he is, a child of the Lords, but is having a difficult time accepting the present as the first day of the rest of his life. Pray for Erik that the Lord will minister to him, as he seeks the Lords will with all of his heart, and be that witness right where he is, in prison. He lives in an area where there are 8,000 plus inmates and only one Protestant Chaplain. We talked with the chaplain Friday night 06-22-07, when we arrived in Blythe and asked if he could meet our group home boy the next morning, he said he would try, he did for which we say thank the Lord.

To see cars wait in line from 5:00am to 7:30, out side the prison area on the street leading into the prison was totally amazing. We went into the area to sign in; where they gave us a number 46 & 47. We were the second set of 25, which were called in to be searched and questioned at 9:00am. Then we enter the prison trough two different gates and walked to his area called D unit. Erik was working as a potter; that is a person that helps to make sure that all visitors’ needs are taken care of, then as soon as the visitors leave, he and another inmate clean up and stack the chairs. So as soon as we entered the area he was looking out the window and saw us walking into the entryway with a great big smile. He meets us with open arms and a hug we will never forget. One can only imagine what it would be like to not have friends to visit with you, or write to you when your lock up. Erik was thrilled we would take time to visit with him you, will never know what it meant to Ginny and I to see our Group home boy in Ironwood State Prison with over 150 other visitors seeing their families.

Having worked in jails and prisons I found Ironwood to be a place that puts a lot of trust in the inmates and only 3 guards were on hand to keep order. This is unheard of in any confinement I have ever seen, to see small children in dippers visiting with fathers, or significant others were a blessing to be hold. The Chaplain came in, about 2 hours into our visit which was a blessing to all of us. He said to Erik, “you have to make your self known to us and become apart of the volunteer chaplains classes, we can’t go looking for you. You are now 30 and the window for you accepting the Lord is getting smaller and smaller, in fact impossible with out you understanding the Lords hands are out stretched to you now”. He visited with us for a good 30 minutes, I asked him to pray for Eric and our ministry in Yakima. I wished you could have been present, for it was a prayer of encouragement to Erik and us. God is certainly in control, if we let him.

We left the prison with a feeling of rejoicing for what the Lord was doing in Erik’s life, and in what was said and done. We can only trust the Lord now to complete His work in Erik’s life as he accepts the truth the way and the life. It is great to know that the Lord is going to have His way regardless of what we may do, for He is in control and we felt His power as we continue to travel to Palmdale and the Lancaster area, where we were assistance for 3 years at Westview Church. Some good friends of ours that were instrumental in helping Jasper, another group home bo,y who spent time in prison recovering from incarceration, wanted us to stay with them while in Palmdale/Lancaster. Their hospitality was a blessing to Ginny and I as they have been to so many.

We found out that all our friends seem to be going through very tough battles, as Satan is out to destroy families and marriages, but God is ministering in a way that character is becoming a joy to be hold. Christians are going through a time of perplexing problems with in the Church. Our Church where we were assistants is now pulled away from the Assemblies of God, as the Pastor took the congregation into another area of ministry, which caused many of the Board members and Church member to leave and become apart of other Churches. It was great to see and hear much talk about the past and how successful the Church was in their beginning, and then to see they are still committed to the Lord, not letting bitterness toward the present pastor and board become a stumbling block. Yes, there are memories that are present we will never forget, but they are building greater memories of victory. The Westview Church is now called the Journey, and only about five families are still riding the storm of independence. Lord help us to never become saddled with stress of leadership gone astray, but to make sure we do all we can to warn and encourage believers, to put their trust in the Lord. Man will disappoint, but God will never disappoint when we follow His guidance.

I am not going to be satisfied with any type of preaching, or any type of conduct, we have a duty as ministers and that is to keep watch over our flocks and make sure we are willing to go find the sheep that have a tendency to go astray. That is the work of the true shepherd that is needed to day. There are Churches in the Palmdale/Lancaster area that are growing every day and we need to become faithful to the Lord and watch how the Lord blesses our homes and communities as we get aboard, Gods will for our lives. No one is without excuse, we can blame ministers for our lack of growth and what we need to do is blame ourselves, for not speaking up when we should. We can’t afford to just go along with anything, or opinion of man. It is imperative we read the Word and test the Spirit of the minister of God and do all we can to better the Church, regardless of the circumstance. It is very easy to just drift along until something breaks, then find it is to late to repair the damage and people suffer. (For the cause of Christ).

June's Prayer Support Letter
Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Wednesday, 20 June 2007

            CHAPLAINCY    NEWS        LETTER                                 


                      June 2007


I thought I would give those reading this web site the opportunity to see our letter of prayer and support. We are going to Ca to visit one of the Group Home Boys who is now 30 years old in Ironwood Prison in Blythe, CA. We will also be visiting several friends from our Church we were assistant pastors of.

We will be coming back through San Fran and visiting an international student we took care of in our Lancaster home and then back home around the fourth of July. So I will no doubt not have anything new on this site next Week. Pray for us that the Lord will protect and give us a time of ministry in CA and where every we go, what ever we do, may it bring glory to the Lord.

 Greeting in the wonderful name of Jesus!

I was privileged to attend the conference put on by the Presbyterian Church here in Yakima, who brought in “Careforce Life Keys” from Australia.  The programs developed by Dr. Allen and Helen Meyers deal with Chemically dependent-Door of Hope-Facilitators Training-Kids with Courage- Making Marriage Better-Man to Man- New Beginnings-Search for Intimacy-Search for Life-Women to Women-Youth Search for Life and Valiant Man.

Having taught Life Skills at the jails these past 10 years I have taught many of these subjects.  The way Allen and Helen have written their program is very well done and hopefully I can use. The Jail Ministry has given $290.00 and the Stone Church Missions Committee has given $390.00 to purchase the Valiant Man facilitator and participant manuals, for 30 men at the jail to become enriched, for which I say, thank the Lord. I have told the men it is a class that is going to require they be here at least 10 weeks.  They will sign a contract to show good intent to complete the course. Pray for me as I lead this class and for the men who will be involved.

It was a blessed time for me last month to baptize 10 men from the new Justice Center and hear them give their testimony to those who watched. To see the growth in their commitment to the Lord is truly a miracle and only the Lord knows what they are going to become as they are released.

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