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Hello my name is Jerral Campfield and this web site is dedicated to Moral Recognition Therapy using Biblical principles. Please come back often to join me in understanding Gods hands are outstretched still to forgive.

The Joy of Those Who Trust in the Lord 1 Peter 1 Continued
Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Friday, 03 November 2023

Our Nephew Don and Chris Kearby said they had a rental at 1218 S 6th Ave and we looked at it and like it right away. What a blessing as it was close to Central Assembly of God with Pastor Gerry and Mindy Galbreath as Pastor, That is the Church we joined and am so thankful, it is close to our Home. Pastor Galbreath asked if we would lead the Sunday Night Pray and singing of hymns, which we did and are still doing.
Being a part of the Church I volunteered to help tare out the Bath Room and it required a lot of hammering breaking 2x4s and even a sledge Hammer which I had no trouble doing for a couple days and the third day I thought I was drinking plenty of water and I became dehydrated and had to go to the Memorial Hospital to recover and did not have to stay overnight. And felt pretty good and tried to go to work again taking it easy, but found my strength was not their and was tested for coronaviruses and sure enough it was positive. I was useless and could do nothing, but rest in my chair all day. I was also going bath room at night every two hours so my body was always tired so did a lot of sleeping. Dr. Ho said I should have a Geologist look at the reason and we went to Eric Lauer and he took and found the blatter was not cancerous, so took care of the enlarged Prostrate and after it did not help. So we are going back the 27th of July at 7:00 am.
All through this time we would listen to religious music and Christian Speakers to keep my spirit up, for the joy of being able to taste during this year was not present. I have had to force myself to eat and felt some time like throwing up, but never did the last few weeks I have been doing much better for the food taste good all the time, now even though I can’t taste the real Taste, it is so good I am able to eat. Also I make sure we are drinking lots of water.
This has been one of the most difficult time in our lives for Ginny has been so kind and thoughtful in making sure I am eating and being taken care of to the degree I have to be more sensitive to her feeling while I am resting not in the living room any more, but I am going to go into the Bedroom if I sleep as Mike pointed this out to me, so I am not sleeping and we are walking in the Mall or Costco and visiting others. So, my body is getting stronger and I feel like doing things again.
One will never know the joy and pleasure of food until it has no taste, or it tastes bitter and bad. So, the Joy of the Lord has tested our faith and hope, but our faith and hope is still in the ability of our relationship to God which is still precious and assured of even through, I can’t taste.
1 Peter 1:3-6 is still proof of our Relationship to the Lord by faith and Hope so, we have the joy inexpressible and full of glory in the Lords ability to protect, provide and heal our bodies in His time. We do not dictate to God He ministers to us. It was the first of September of 2023 I began to get my taste back and rejoiced the Lord was still ministering to us as a couple. We are still wanting the Lord to lead and guide us though this world of lawlessness full of evil works of Satan.

The Joy of the Lord is our strength!
Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Friday, 27 October 2023

We were asked to come home in 2001 to care for Ginny’s mom and we headed home and sold our home in Lancaster and were so thankful it went fast and we moved into our Brother-in-Laws Don and Jan Kearby’s double wide trailer home for 10 years, as no other family member could do this, so he said he would let use live in his trailer home with no charge and we keep mom in our home and it was a blessing to Mom and the family. She suffered from dementia a crippling Disease.
During this time, I applied for the Chaplaincy Program at the Yakima Country Sheriff’s Department and was chosen to work at the Restitution Center in Union Gap teaching Mandatory Classes to 150 Men and 32 Women 5 days a week. What a Blessing for as soon as I would come into the building the inmates would clap each time and when I finished the class they would all clap again, which made you feel very welcomed as a Chaplain. I did this for three years as they moved to the New Jail called the Justice Center by the Fairgrounds. They said, I would have to now make classes voluntarily and the number decreased, but we still baptized several in water as they accepted the Lord. The eight years we served were the most pleasant until one of the Sargent’s said. As I was teaching in the God pod where there were 50 men, I was telling them to burn all other Bibles, but the King James, which was not true, so I was laid off and the Department honored me with a going away trophy with the YCDOC Jail Ministry 2009.
Ginny and I went to the Harrah Assembly of God for Bert and Karolyn Decker said; the Church was going to be shut down, so at the Annual Church Business meeting with our Treasure Don Detrick who was chairing the meeting. I got to ask if we could fill in until they got a Pastor and Bro Detrick called the next day as I was at the Jail and said, I would be able to fill in, until they elected a Pastor and when we did, I worked with the Board to build up our membership as we were a Home Missions Church getting no help from the District. They apologized at the meeting they were sorry as they did not support the Hickies as they should of. Then after a few days I received a call to be the Pastor of the Harrah Assembly of God where my Folks were charter members and we had some excellent Memories; Seeing our Boys grow up loving the Lord.

The Joy of Those Who Trust In the Lord
Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Friday, 13 October 2023

I came back home still employed by Morris Hitchcock at Whiter Swan Lumber, working on the road crew and thenBob Turner took me to this road grader in Toppenish Creek and said Jerral I want you to take this to logy creek where a crew was working and I started the small motor and wondered why I did not have more power and stopped and found out it had two motors one to start and the other to have power and a lot more speed I ran the grader for several months and then started cocker setting and running a D7 Caterpillar skedding logs to a landing. Then a Faller of trees and finally asurveyor. The last two year Fred Web took over the logging operation and the crew boss did not like me, for he thought he was a Christian and  would swear and I asked him, “how can you swear like you do and think God likes it”? He shortly afterward put me to pilling brush with a D 6 Caterpillar and one morning I shut the cat off and was laying under a Pine Tree, just thinking and praying to God, when Fred Web pulled up in his White Chrysler and ask what I was doing and I shared with him, how the boss did not like me, so wanted me to start piling brush and I was disappointed. Fred Web said to me take as much time as you want and I took a little more time thanking the Lord for still having a job. For no one could not be working for Fred Web, for he wanted us to have our Chain Saw Sharped and ready to go to work at Sun Rise.  
I only took a Short time.  Soon after I was asked to work with the Team out of Naches, Skedding logs and then falling trees. 
One day while going to work late, having to drive up to Eagel Rock and I hit a horse with my Father-in-laws pickup and killed the Horse. I was able to continue driving the pickup and stop at the Restaurant on Chinook and told the owner the Williams, I killed one of their horses, he said, that is ok they should of not been on the road, I was so thankful. Then in 1965 my Father-in law Lew Meshke asked me to help him in his farming and the next year he would help me get my own farm, which He did. During this time My Wife Virginia was in the Saint Elisabeth in Yakima to have our fourth son. Along with her Father going in for eye surgery, for he only had one eye, as the other was damaged by an explosion in a garbage can and left him with a glass eye, so was having cataracts removed. Here I am coming to see how my wife was doing and was not paying attention and on Walnut Street in Yakima a train hit me and took me down the Tracks a little ways. The conductor came right over to me to see if I was ok and I felt bad as he said, it is our fault, for I should have had warned everyone a train was coming and I didn’t see it at all, for I was watching the hospitable. I thought I could stop by the Office of the train Company latter and they would pay for the damage. They said they are never at fault, so my insurance paid for the Damages. I was able to see our fourth Son Mike after he was born, for men did not enter the delivery room. All was well and we both rejoiced for having another son and Virginia’s Father did well as well.
I took my Father-in-Law request and the first year I worked for Him and the second, he co-signed my loan for 1966 and we raised our four boys on the 120 acre Farm. 
This was a blessed time, as we raised our boys in the ways of the Lord and trained them to read their Bible and represent the Kingdom of God. It was a joy as I was chosen to be the Christian Educational leader, to be able to be encouraging teachers in Sunday School, where Ginny and I were very involved and where with our teenager. I was the Youth leader in our home Church, what a thrill it was to see our boys accept the responsibility to follow the will of the Lord, being involved in sports, & Church activities. Our oldest Son Brian went one year to Northwest Bible College and became a Youth Pastor in Oakville, Wa and married Gayleen Wilson a Pastor Daughter in Centralia, WA. Dale our Second son graduated from the Northwest Bible College, in Seattle and married Cathie Holman from Bend Oregon. Then Rick our third Son graduated with honors and went to the University of Washington Graduating with an Engineering Degree. Then our fourth Son, Mike Graduated from Saint Martins in Olympia, WA with a teaching degree.
I was elected to serve on the White Swan School Board and found it very rewarding and challenging for we were the first District to have a girl wrestle with the Boys. I and Hamley Hale were against and three other thought they would like to see that. As it turn out all her matches we cancelled as the Boys did not wrestle so she won by forfeiting their matches. The we had a neighbor girl want to turn out for football and it did not happen. I also sent my 8 milermeter Bell Camera withj oujt opldest son Brian and he took picture of students being let town on a sheet two stores and that was a no; no. So this was the beginning of teachers losing control of the class room many time. It was a very interesting time for we went through 3 superintendents in the four years for we had one who had sexual relations with a secretary and had to be fired and two others that they felt could not do the job expected and I was in favor of both for they were strong Christian men. I learned people were begining to expect to much and it was not being human but wanted all to be prerfect! 
I was asked by three pastors in Harrah to see if there was interest in a Christian School and sure enough, we formed a Board and selected a Program leader to lead the Program and it is still in operation today. Judy Hunter gave the School 3 Million dollars to build a new School building in Harrah which was a total surprise. The School is still benefiting from her donations. 
Then we took our youngest son Mike out of the White Swan School District as a Freshman and took a position as Pastor of the Onalaska, Assembly of God in 1982 for three years. It was a very special time for us and we saw many people come to the Lord and the Principle said, we could have a Bible study in the High School we saw several students attended. Then I was asked by Bob Dow, a New York life Insurance sales man to pray for our Superintendent Ray Amstandt, who had brain cancer. Then latter on while we were in California we were asked to take Ray and his wife to Disney Land, as he was in a wheel chair then, it was a pleasure to help them both.

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