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Hello my name is Jerral Campfield and this web site is dedicated to Moral Recognition Therapy using Biblical principles. Please come back often to join me in understanding Gods hands are outstretched still to forgive.

Last days at Harrah Assembly of God  E-mail
Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Friday, 04 March 2022

Last day at Harrah Assembly of God Parsonage February 19-2022
Here we are all packed ready to take all of our belonging into Yakima at our new address 1218 6th Ave. Yakima 98902. It is leaving memories of being the Pastor of the Harrah Assembly of God where my parents were Charter member back when Brother Waters and Johny Manchester started the Church from the Revival they had in Wapato Assembly of God in the 1930’s. Never in my wildest imagination did I ever dream of being the Pastor after growing up in the Sunday School under some great teachers like Clara Olsen, Delma Craig, Marry Kearby, John Poisel, Sister Hedland, Lucile McKenzie, and many more. Then to have pastors that included Brother Ed Westerfield, Phil Adam, Cornelis Rentjies, Inar McGhee, Don Nelson, Wes Hobkirk, Bill King, Bob Smith, Henry Larson, Loren Wilke, Cruise’s, Jim Hickie, and my name ion the list-Jerral Campfield
This has been a time we will never forget, as we got to know the people who attended our Church, we were married here, baptized People here and buried people here. It was truly a high light of our lives to be involved with the Church, our School and our community, as we mingled, with people I have known all my life. To have work with the White Swan Coalition dealing with Alcohol, Bullying, Drugs, Suicide, Dysfunctional Families, and absenteeism was very interesting.
To have Pastor Touhey at the Brethren Church, Alton Hall Community Church, Chris Grandberry Scared Rds. and Glen Holmen Baptist was a very rewarding experience and to be involved with Young life again under the leadership of Chris Grandberry was a highlight. For I was involved with Young Life for 15 years with Harry Kwak Sr. 
I know without a doubt, the Lord builds the Church and my prayer is that our community will allow the Holy Spirit of God to convict them of sin, so people will want to become involved in the Kingdom of God, that is much greater than any Church. Who are you worshiping and serving is the greatest question we get to answer, for it is either God or Satan? Only Two choices for we only have two location we are going to when we die, Heaven or Hell.
Life is composed in what we see, hear, desire, take and give. If when we give evil we reap evil; hate, bitterness, lawlessness and desire to steal and cheat. But when we give love, mercy and grace we live with the understand, God is greater than any force of Satan around us. For we can’t, but God can, allow us to have the Joy of the Lord that passes man’s understanding, for it comes from the Spirit of God whom we worship in spirit and in truth.
So our bodies five senses of eyes, ears, mouth, nose and feeling become healthy when we fix our Souls, imagination, conscience, Memory, reason and affections being controlled by the Spirit of God, in our Spirits, in who we worship, reverence, have faith and hope in God, to pray for our goodwill and peace, that we can become better and better with Knowing Gods hands are out stretched still, unless we want to commit the unpardonable sin; forsaking the Lord.
Having worked for farmers as a teenager then Graduating in 1955 working for Morris Hitchcock taking care of his property at the White Swan Lumber Company and then asked to go to California to take care of Morris Hitchcock’s, Polo Horses for 4 months, I began to see the complexity of life. I went one year to Northwest Bible College and thought maybe of going into the Ministry, but got married and went working full time for White Swan Lumber Company as a logger, working on the roads, skidding, bucking, falling, and Surveying. Then in 1965 my Father in law, Lew Meshke asked if I would help him on the farm and he would help me get started farming. We did and that was a special time raising our boys on the farm for 13 years. We had our loan approved for 1980 and coming through the Union Gap, I felt the need to go into the ministry and came home and told Virginia and She, said, we are going to change occupations, we going into the Ministry and I said yes, and prepared to do so by taking the Brean Courses out of Springfield Missouri, Ohio. We did this for Three years and put our name in Brainbridge and Onalaska to be pastor, and was select for Onalaska, where we pastored for three years, then work for Green Hill a Reformatory for Juveniles in Centralia for three year and was called to Los Angeles to work for Hollygrove, an orphanage as a director for a Group Home in the San Fernando Valley, Then Acton California. While at Acton we were asked to be the assistant to Larry Kasper at Westview Assembly of God, in Palmdale, during this time I worked for the Los Angeles Sherriff’s Department in the jail and Prisons of Los Angeles County.
Then in 2000 After coming back from Hong Kong, we came home to Yakima to take care of Virginia Mother, who was stricken with Dementia for 10 year. During this time, I worked teaching mandator classes for the Yakima Sherriff’s Department as a chaplain for another 10 year. This was a challenge teaching 150 plus men and 30 plus women 5 days a week. I also spoke at the God Pod at the main jail every Thursday at noon to 2 o’clock. I was connected to the Assemblies of God Chaplain’s Department.
Then in 2009 we were told the NW District was going to shut the Church down in Harrah. So, Ginny and I went to the Business Meeting and told the Church and the District leaders we would do all we could to keep the Church opened. The officials asked if the Church was in favor and they all agreed, for us to fill in until someone was elected. A few months later I receive a call from Brother Don Detrick asking, what I was going to do and I said, we would like to be the pastor and they were very pleased. We have been here for 13 years and found it to be the most rewarding time of our lives. For we remembered all the pastors that served as Pastor and this bought a tremendous amount of responsibility, for we know the Church is not ours, but Christ.
I personal thought the Church would grow in numbers because of all the people we knew in the Area. We knew all the members who I served with while a student growing up in the Church and as an Adult being married and serving as Youth leader, Christian Education leader and working with Campus life for 15 years ministering to 13 High School. Then helping to start the Harrah Christian School was another plus factor I thought. But God ways, are certainly not our way and we were pleased for what we were able to do.
Now that we are in our new home in Yakima we feel like we are just beginning a new chapter in our lives and we are going to enjoy every day the Lord gives us life, so we can continue to be a blessing to all we meet.
Here we are seeing people involved with war against evil as Globalism is real, Russia trying to show there the leader of world events. We know by reading Matthew 24 God has a plan and it is unfolding before our eyes. One world Government, One Economics and One Religion is showing its teeth. We no longer see imagination time vividness and reality that is true, but totally under the influence of Satan, the Anti-Christ. We are seeing urgency like what is going on Ukraine as Russia is at war to take them over. 
I hope your tired of Governmental control of rather to wear mask or not, rather to get a vaccination or not, rather to gather in a group or not.  Thank the Lord He is still in charge and has His hands out stretched to us all yet, to come unto Him. Give God your all and see the joy of the Lord be a-part of your life!

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