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Hello my name is Jerral Campfield and this web site is dedicated to Moral Recognition Therapy using Biblical principles. Please come back often to join me in understanding Gods hands are outstretched still to forgive.

Seperation of Church and State!  E-mail
Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Saturday, 21 May 2005

Separation of Church and State


May 22, 2005


Jerral Campfield


Separating of Church and State is nothing new, how we handle it is most important. We are The United States of America, a place where all types of people choose to live, from all backgrounds and every race, tongue and tribe, plus religious belief. Being a part of this United States of America for the past 68 years, Iím grateful for what has taken place in our history, that has allowed us to be the greatest land, upon the face of the World. It has not been without a great price. Many have given their lives for the freedoms we all enjoy, and we are still out to make sure, we are not destroyed in any areas that we as a Nation stand for.

As a Director of an Group Home in Acton, CA I saw our agency   Hollygrove become so concerned we do not go against forcing kids to go to Church. Licensing and the Licensing says, in there General Requirement 80072 (5) ďTo be free to attend religious services of his/her choice and to have visits from the spiritual advisor of his/her chose.  (A) Attendance at religious services, in or outside of the facility, shall be on a completely voluntary basis.Ē 

I personally do not find this to be something that hinders us in child care, it protect us, in that we are always confronted everyday with the need to encourage children to do that which is good, from getting out of bed in the morning, to getting ready to go to school, encouraging them to have good hygiene habits, make sure they wear appropriate clothes at all times,  encourage them to become socially apt, encouraging them to eat properly and the consequence, if they do not. Encouraging them to develop skills and talents that our Creator blessed them with, and the rewards of striving to reach our potential is ongoing. Encouraging them to have fun, by doing many times what they simply do not want to do, like going to the movies, beach, extended trips, or just outside for play. Even the constant correction of behavior and attitude is on going why? That we might see them become successful, in all walks of life they might find themselves in as adults.

Everything we do as an agency or as parents needs to be done in such a way that all under our authority receive the best that man is able to offer. I feel we are in control, and when we are, we instill within those under our care, they will be in control of their lives, when they become emancipated and independent.

The same goes for the spiritual; if we do not encourage it they will not receive any of the benefits of the spirituality that is present in our world. I feel since we are body, soul and spirit, we need to allow the boys, or girls under our care to know what happens when we do not address those things in life, that causes we as man to suffer. Look around and one can see the results of what we do, or do not do. So the responsibility needs to rest on the child and we do not have to force anything, but we encourage and as we do it is not long, and we begin to win the battles in life, that make us the person we need to be, that we might be the United States of America, we can be proud of, Free indeed.

The desire for the child to play a musical instrument, or become involved in sports at first is exciting, but when the task become difficult they want to quit, but when we as adult encourage and even force by giving rewards, the child becomes able to participate to where they feel good, the encouragement pays off. Look at all the great sportsmen we have and the musicians, they started with a desire and the encouragement of parents, or care takers to keep at it until they found satisfaction and today are very successful.

Another area we try to meet the needs of the children, is that of providing a family atmosphere, which they can benefit from, and that requires, we do things together. Eat together, sleep together in the same house, play together, go to school events together, special events together, and when a person has special sporting events we all go watch together, we are so involved with one another, that when we allow the child to go or stay, we have a major problem.

We learn that a house divided against its self will surely die. Yes, we all have interests, but when those interests are not with regard for others, we become stagnated in ourselves, and destroy what we would like to see accomplished in ourselves as teens. That is why, there needs to be leadership from the top down, or we will all struggle in every thing we would like to accomplish, and we canít keep people for any length of time, because know one can live up to the expectations, or demands of those in authority.

It is not to the childrenís best interest, when we treat them as some one that has a problem. We minister the most, when we begin to accept, they are not the victim of their own circumstance. But circumstance has separated them from family and thatís rejection. It manifest itís self in so many different areas. To see they are not at fault for the way they have been rejected, requires an ability to forgive, those who they think have caused such pain and hurt.  This is why the spiritual side of man needs to be seen, because when it suffers we all suffer. Show me a person, child, or adult, who knows how to forgive and you will see a person accept the circumstance, they find themselves in, without blaming others but become in control of them. It seems it does not make any difference who the therapist is, if the person needing the therapy is turned off by any distraction, therapy does not take place. We are giving youth so many distractions, by so many different messages as adults it is hurting and some never recover, but go from place to place, institution to institution, group home to group home, or foster home to foster home. This mentality needs to stop and we need to stay with a child, regardless of his behavior, if we possible can.

The matter of short-term care is going to escalate the problem, we need to give the youth of America what they deserve, that is a home, rather itís an institution, foster placement, or a group home. They need stability, just as anyone. Who are we dealing with animals, or people? This to me is abuse upon abuse, and we as adults need to come to grips with what works, based upon the facts, that have been experience by those involved with child care. It is time for Childrenís Social Serviceís to see what is happening in the industry, then begin to write a program that will best meet the needs of those who have been taken away, with dignity, rather that by force, cruel inhuman ways. We many times are dealing with the weakness of mans own doing.

Man makes a mess out of things when we have no Divine guidance and no ability to allow others to grow and begin to arrive at their potential.

I do not come as one that has the answers, I come as one that is very concern with rather we really care about the needs of the child, or is it my agenda, maybe money.

I feel we need to realize our weakness before we are able to become stronger and thatís in any given area. Iím committed to do all I can, to make my world a better world, in what I say and do, by becoming responsible to that which I can control and thatís me. All that what we chose affects us and I am a product of the choices, I make. I canít control others, but I can choose for others what society has shown to be good for us as mankind. So I am working to control myself, that others will want to arrive at their fullest potential with the skills and talents the Lord as given we as man.


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