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Hello my name is Jerral Campfield and this web site is dedicated to Moral Recognition Therapy using Biblical principles. Please come back often to join me in understanding Gods hands are outstretched still to forgive.

WINNERS Part 4  E-mail
Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Saturday, 16 April 2005
We learn the most from growing up in a home and those who were our authority. 

Who was you authority as a child growing up?

Whoís the authority going to school?

Who was the authority on the Job in the home and in the government?

Winners are committed to their families. The major battlefield in the game of life is not the school or the job or at play. The most challenging battlefield is the HOME. We are living in the X generation-people feel as they are nobodies. It is also the generation of Cyber-Space, which is going to change the course of history again.

60% of all marriages end in divorce. Key kids-kids needing keys

to unlock their homes-Mom and Dads are gone Ėat-work. Reckless

society-majority of crimes occurs between relatives. HOW DO WE


Each person must accept His or Her individual responsibility

for their behavior and attitude.

Carry your load, do the best you can allow yourself to be, to reach your

potential in Excellance.



1. Cause and effect-we reap what we sow. For every action

there is a reaction.

2. Discipline and obedience are 2 pots of gold. Our world is crying

for discipline from the youngest child to the highest person in the land.

Judgement is LOVE IN ACTION.

3. Open and honest Communication with all members of mankind

 is a must.

Anger and resentment are freedom robbers. Freedom is found as

you forgive.

1. Meditation.

2. Faith.

3. Rooted, grounded

4. Comprehend Boundaries

5. Know your creators love.

4. Happy people understand that work is a wonderful blessing,

not something to dread. Want to improve self worth? Be content

with whatsoever your hands find to do. Jobs are hard.

5. More blessed to give than receive. We never become happy

by pleasing ourselves, but God and others, then you.

6. A fool wants to learn from his own mistakes, but a wise person

profits from the counsel of others and avoids costly mistakes and


Letís acknowledge we make mistakes, we donít trust ourselves,

let alone them. We act like those we hate. Parents smoke, kids

hate it, but they smoke. Parents drink, kids hate it, we say we will

never ever do that. But they do. WHY? There is a law of judgement:

be careful you have no beam in your eye.

White is beautiful, but itís very hard to keep it so. Write letters if you

canít share your personal feeling; get rid of evil and wrong doings. Ask

forgiveness. We are humans and humans make mistakes, practice

asking for forgiveness in the home, on the job, in the Church, in the

Government, and on the playing field.

Winners seek to know, understand and follow the rules of almighty

God. Pascal, ďthere is a God shaded vacuum in the heart of every

man women and child that can only be satisfied by the creator, made

know through His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. We are BODY,

SOUL, and SPIRIT. We have physical, psychological, and Spiritual

needs to be satisfied.

1. Physical need's 5 senses, 1. Smell 2. Sight 3. Hear 4. Taste

5. Touch

1. Hunger

2. Sleep

3. Thirst

Easy to satisfy.


2. Psychologicals 5 senses or the Soul. 1. Imagination 2. Conscience  

3. Memory 4. Reason 5. Affection



Manís greatest needs are spiritual and the most difficult to satisfy.

All takes time.

All have a Spirit with five senses-Faith-Hope-Reverence-Worship

and Prayer One can tell who they have faith in by who they worship, God

or Satan.

9 benefits being apart of the family of Gods found in Ephesians 1.

1. Blessed

2. Chosen

3. Predestined

4. Forgiven

5. Inheritance

6. Sealed

7. Given Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding.

8. Hope of Eternal Riches and Glory

9. Power of Christ becoming apart of us.

3. Spiritual and its five senses: 1. Faith 2. Hope 3. Reverence 4. Prayer 

 5. Worship.

1. Religion is a code of ethical conduct, basic rules to follow in hopes of

 knowing God. Christianity is not a religion but Godís attempt to find

mankind through His Son Jesus Christ.

2. We are saying the constitution of the United States calls for separation

of Church and State, the founding Fathers never desired separation of God

and State. In God we trust must be our motto.

3. What we believe must show itís self in your daily life, or your beliefs are

useless and worthless.

4. Obedience is still the test of love

Jerral Campfield prepared this after hearing many coaches and ministers

share from the word, what life really means and is. I am indebted to the

Lord for allowing me the privilege to be part of mankind and Iím committed

 to doing all I can to advance others to becoming winners.

God blesses each one of you, as you think upon these things. God can

use winners to change your life, if you allow it to. The choice is yours.

Copyright 2005 Jerral Campfield, All rights reserved.