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Hello my name is Jerral Campfield and this web site is dedicated to Moral Recognition Therapy using Biblical principles. Please come back often to join me in understanding Gods hands are outstretched still to forgive.

Winners Part 1  E-mail
Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Saturday, 02 April 2005
Each year I teach during the play offs of the super bowl, the World series and the NCAA play offs a Life Skills class on How to be a Winner. I find this class very rewarding to those I minister to for I have been taught by some very influntial individuals and took notes on what they have said. The next few week I would like to share with you all How to become a Winner.



Itís not defeating an opponent like in a football game or between 2 men. Fighting, but the enemy of our body soul and spirit.

1. Winning is being the best person you can possibly be with the talents and abilities you have been born with. Itís allowing your creator to work His good pleasure in you. It's understanding John 3:16 and abiding in the vine as John 15 talks about.

2. Itís deciding to be a winner- Do you want to be successful? What is success? Are you heading in the right direction? Is there a difference between right and wrong behavior? Is it possible to fail? Is failing a result of an intentional act? Seldom. Letís be responsible for our behavior and actions. Itís your choice no one elseís for what you do and have done and will do.

No decision is a decision to fail.

3. Become a self starter- To many expect others to motivate them. PEOPLE ARE LAZY, INDECISIVE and IRRESPONSIBLE. The safest thing is to let some one else decide for us. Where shall we eat? What do you want to do? These are commonly asked questions. You canít expect to have others tell you what to do and make you happy. It is not what you do in life; it is why do you do it that really counts. It is your life-be a self starter, control your game plan as you turn all over to a higher power. Who starts your engine? Whoís pulling your strings?

Make your decisions now!! Choose today to do what is right, now is the time to change into someone beautiful, useful and caring about yourself and others.

4. Have a Game plan. All the enthusiasm in the world will not take

the place of a systematic plan of attack. If you do not have a plan you will become frustrated. Never getting to where you wanting to go, or being what you want to be. Donít waste time, make the most of every opportunity and circumstance. Who is in control of you? Your circumstance or You?

Develop Physical skills. You are a person with a body, soul and spirit be careful of who you are. Guard against the forces that are fighting you to always want to do what is wrong, causing you to be a loser. Look around you and see who is suffering and try to understand why? Who is able to be an over comer and who is not? Where does faith come into the picture? When do we need faith?

 Now is the time we need to accept the truth, the way and the life that only God our Coach has allowed us to accept if we want to.


You are in control of what you see, hear, feel, taste and speak.

Strength and stamina are very important but the key to winning is you and your

attitude towards your potential forming within your mind.

1. Truthfulness

2.  Honesty

3. Justifiable

4. Purity

5. Lovely

6. Reputation-Reputable, Image.

7. Thought Ė Respectful

8. Praise- Acknowledgement, we realize we are not the only ones on planet earth who wants to do right and become winners.

5. Basic laws of living to be winners.

It takes effort in mastering the rules. (PRACTICE). Vince Limbardi of the Green Bay Packers football team used to start every season off with showing the team members a football, ďThis is a foot ball, made of pig skin, tough and durable but it needs to be treated with care and respect, itís you life, and there are rules on how it is to be handled.

He kept his men aware of whom they were, football players. Know whom you are in this game of life, you are special one of a kind type of person.

Note the basic laws:

1. Winners set and reach goals.

2. Have a healthy self image means seeing oneís self as a winner.

3. Winners know winning means your responding to authority immediately with a positive attitude.

4. Winners are committed to their families.

5. Winners seek to know and understand what it means to follow a higher power.





Copyright 2005 Jerral Campfield, All rights reserved.