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Hello my name is Jerral Campfield and this web site is dedicated to Moral Recognition Therapy using Biblical principles. Please come back often to join me in understanding Gods hands are outstretched still to forgive.

Life Abundantly Part 2  E-mail
Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Wednesday, 16 February 2005

Life Abundantly part 2

Marriage is beautiful and no one can improve on what God has ordained, to become one is reality at the greatest degree. Adam said in Genesis 2:23 This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of man. Now its possible to bear forth children as the sperm unites with the egg, waiting for a miracle to begin.

Here is my description of what takes place with this union, as two come together in marriage, I put together in 1982.

The man can only observe while the women is mindful of what has taken place in her body, the natural become not so pleasant. Monthly blood flow stops, morning sickness begins, the chemistry changes and she wonders what in the world has happened. Many time this causes a lot of anxiety, very difficult to cope with. But as each wants to understand, things are able to e dealt with, in a healthy way.

The woman bears most of the burden and everything she does, centers around the baby. What is eaten, affects the baby and the mother, so one is careful of what is selected. Increase amount of milk is important, plus other liquids; assuring the baby what is needed. Playing of music, singing by the father and mother, relaxes the little one in the womb. The way one talks and the tone of voice are also important before birth, as after. So all one does affects the new born in some way or the other, and much care needs to go into what we do as adults.

One needs to see that if the mother drinks fluids not beneficial, it can do damage to the child. Alcohol and drugs prevent the child from developing in many areas of the mind, that is the reason for abstaining is of greatest necessity. The amount of radiation, smoking, inhaling needs to be avoided . Lead, pesticides and any other chemicals as well. The list goes on but one can rest assured, all is going to go well, if we use good common sense in all areas.

Now lets look at the fetus and what goes on in the womb. The sperm enters the egg and become fertile and starts to take of life growing every so slowly at first. But in a few weeks this sperm and egg take on a person, with all the detail of a body.

When does this (body) begin to form the senses? No one knows! Where does the blood come from to give life?

What kind of feeling is their? Surly its dark, wet, and at times very uncomfortable, especially when some one hits, or pushes a little to hard just to feel if there is something their yet.

Seeing is blackness all around, and it's awesome. The hearing is most startling, because of all the liquids and the sounds of the internal body. The sense of smell is beyond description, itís so varied. Then there is taste from the mothers umbilical cord, which lets me know if mom is eating right. The more I grow, the greater all the senses become, within my body, but my (soul) is beginning to become active. My imagination runs wild and I have a difficult time, trying to out guess what mom might be eating, or who is touching me now. Itís causing me to have a memory, to where I remember the good and hope it continues. All I can do is wiggle, move my feet and arms and when things are not going right I might hit or kick, to show my displeasure. The bigger I get, the more moving around I do, until I feel something trying to put me out. I know this is not normal, Iíve never experienced this feeling and before I know it, the water around me is not the same, things are getting tight all around me. All of a sudden Iím in a new world, Iím hit on the back, or seat, I cry and breath all at the same time, it about kills me. The most dramatic of all, is when the Doctor, or Dad cuts the umbilical cord, leaving me all alone, wondering what is going to happen next. No longer black, and wet, now its light, dry, and I'm feeling the touch of someones hands. The sound of some ones voice, the feeling of air all around, are about to much. Iím looked at by the doctor for a brief moment, he checks me out to see that all is well, then places me in moms hands, she hold me close to her breast and I feel oh so good. I hear the same voice, the same heat beat, and I settle down and whimper. She hold me for a little while and places me in dads hands, I recognize the voice, but not his heart beat, so I might cry, and he puts me into the hands of grandma. What an experience, she has such a loving voice, Iíll never forget. Iím just beginning to feel comfortable, when she puts me into the hands of grandpa, I feel safe and I want to stay there, but he gives me back to mom. The nurse takes me from mom and washes me, with this clear clean water and Iím scarred to death, and cry, oh so hard. But she assures me itís is ok, I settle down and she take my foot and fingers to make a print, no sooner is that done ,she puts a tape around my head and measures my body. By this time I wish, I was back in the womb, sound and secure.

No sooner do I think this, Iím placed back in mothers hands and finally get to drink, but it is so different, now I have to suck. I really donít know how, and no one tells me, to where I understand. From this moment of time, I grow in so many different ways. Since I am not able to do things on my own, Iím dependent on others, to take care of all my needs.

I cry when I'm wet, hungry, to warm, or to hot, hurting from pain in the stomach, or just uncomfortable. I cry when something startles me, by a fast movement, or a loud sound. Everything is so new and scary to me, I Need to be picked up and comforted to know that all is well. It is such a nice feeling to know that someone cares, for it make me feel good, that someone is addressing my problem.

It doesnít take me log to know what I need to do in order to have people come running, to give me what I need, love and attention. I find itís easy for me to want this love and care, even when Iím not hurting. Iím checked over and hear voices of concern, ďwhatís the matter honey, what do you need now?Ē I do this many times over, because I donít like being alone. I learn at a very early age I do not always get what I want or need. But I sure know how to keep them occupied with just me, and Iíll continue to do it, until Iím forced to stop. But its so hard, especially on mom to hear me cry, dad he just sets and makes me suffer, unless I put a lot of force into my crying. Then he will come over and pick me up and play with me, until I have to cry to have him put me down.

These first few days, in this big world teach me a lot about my feeling. Next we will look at six different theories a child develops. Lord HELP!

Copyright 2005 Jerral Campfield, All rights reserved.