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Hello my name is Jerral Campfield and this web site is dedicated to Moral Recognition Therapy using Biblical principles. Please come back often to join me in understanding Gods hands are outstretched still to forgive.

What is going on in my body, soul and spirit  E-mail
Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Saturday, 16 December 2023

 I am going to give a history of what is going on in my body since June 24 and 25th 2022 as I helped tear out the old shower stalls and bath rooms at Central with Pastor Gerry Galbreath and Doug Knotts and his wife. I worked with a sledge hammer tearing down studs and breaking up tile and thought I was drinking plenty of water, even though it was hot and working very hard, thinking I was ok we went to Church Sunday and Pastor Gerry made the commit I was a beast tearing down the bath room and yes, I felt good about doing what I could with all my might what was supposed to be done. I went back the 27th 28th and the 29th I  had to leave for I felt so weak. Then July 1st I went to See Dr Erick Lauer at Yakima Urology and had a bladder exam and found an Enlarged Prostrate which will require a operation 23 at 8:30. I came home went to Central and worked a little and then had to go home to weak to work. 

Ginny and I drove to the hospital Sunday July 3 because of heart pains, to see what was going on in my body. The nurses and Doctor wanted to know how I felt and I could not even begin to tell them how I really felt for I was out of the ability to even think. They checked my vitals and heart and blood pressure were ok, so they took urine samples and it all look good and then a Cat Scan and it also turn out good. Doctor and nurses agreed I am suffering because of dehydration as I had over extending myself, working at tearing down the old showers and bath room stalls at Central Assembly of God with Gerry Galbreath and Doug Knotts from Maps.

We came home and I began to drink lots of water the same day then the fourth Mom got groceries and extra Gatorlute Rapid  Rehydration/electrolyte Beverage I took 6 glasses of water and two Gatorlutes each 2 ½ cups so 5 more cups, I did feel better  July 5th I got up and felt like doing what I normally do at that is eating and having devotions and going in to my office and looking at what is going on in our world, reading Charisma Magazine and forwarding some articles and looking at Face Book and reading 5 Psalms and I Proverbs and then giving some attention to what is going on in our world. I am so thankful that God is still in control when we let him rule and reign. I drank to much water July 4 and 5th and got water logged and felt terrible again not able to do anything feeling so worthless. Dale got in at 8 pm and got a message from Mike our son saying I must of drank to much and got water logged which is as bad as dehydration. So I cut back on liquids July 6- 8 glasses and the 7 th-6 glasses a day. I was Intoxicated and went to the Hospital 

July 9th could not pick up Max from airport so had Dale pick him up after our emergency trip to the Hospital to check out my heart again they took an AKG and then Cat Scan again and they swabbed by nose and came back with the fact I had Corvid and the Doctor debated rather to keep me in the Hospital or send me home and after a lengthy time he said, I will be ok to go home. So after a few hours I was home resting as much as possible.

10-11-and 12th where lazy days wanting to do some things and couldn’t, so still completely wiped out then Wed morning wakening up after sleeping more with less getting up to urn, I felt a little bit better. Pastor Gerry Galbreath called and asked how I was Doing and I told him 70% better, but had to message him back to say just maybe 10 % better, this made me more realistic and Mom felt better as will.

I am still taking this one moment at a time and praying Gods love, mercy and grace will follow me all the days of my life.

I am thankful I am alive and able to do what I am doing drinking and eating a little to keep energy to keep doing all we can to help with the healing process. I certainly can’t eat like I would like and drinking liquids makes me have to urn more and bowls are not solid now for several days. Saturday the 9th went to emergency again and found the heart and other organs were working good but I was tested for covid and found to be positive so was sent home to recover. 

The 10th of July Max Preached at Harrah Assembly of God the Sunday before the start of VBS the team came Friday the 8th and Saturday worked at setting up for VBS and we could not help at all feeling so out of the loop. Then July VBS began and Dale videoed the opening and closing for us to see live at 8:30 and 12:30. This was very hard for me to watch and Ginny loved every minute. Friday the 15th was the closing service Dale Recorded for us as well, which was very difficult for me and Mom enjoyed it all. Yes my emotions are so mixed up and I appreciate life, but not what I am experiencing. Bewilderment!

Dale stayed with us an extra week for the 17th to the 23 when we took him to the Yakima airport to catch the bus to Seattle. We all took the Covid test the 20th and all negative.

We came home and when we woke up the 24th I felt so good like going to Church, but then as we ate breakfast I felt so helpless again, so stayed home. Did a lot of resting yet,  It seems like I can rest, but not really sleep sound for having to go to the bathroom so often; every two hours.

Here it is the 25th and I am sure letting the Lord set at my table and casting out all evil works of the enemy that is so troubling to my spirit. We listen to many sermons on the internet and am always encouraged knowing God is working in our lives as we let Him rule and reign. I know God created us all for His goodwill and peace and Satan is out to destroy all God created for our good. 

Mom and I are putting our faith and hope in Gods will for our lives as we worship and reverence God for all He is doing in our world to bring peace and the joy of the Lord to our lives. It is to God we put our faith and hope in, to bring order into our lives. The 25th was a better day and I vacuumed the rugs and spent time on the computer. Got up the 26th and my taste buds were not working to where food had no taste, so did a lot of just resting and watching Christian speakers along with the news that seems to have nothing positive, but so negative.

I went into my office and spent time reading what is going on in the Christian world and the world of reality we are livening in.

I certainly know God is in control and we just need to let Him rule and reign in our lives as we abide in the vine as John 15 tells us all to do. God knows who we are and what we need as He created us all for goodwill and peace.

July 27 Went to see Dr Alexander Ho at 10 and waited a half hour to see him and he took all my vitals and all was good. He asked me how I was feeling and I said Yesterday I began to feel better and spent time on the computer which I had no desire to do. So I was beginning to see reality again. I knew this all started for I over did what I was doing and am still suffering and realize it is taking time and then to spend two different times in the Hospital because of my heart pains. 

He thought with all our changes this had an effect on my feelings and depression was causing a lot of what I was feeling. I certainly agreed. He prescribed a medicine to deal with depression to see if it would help. He prescribed Sertraline 50 MG per day and I do not now yet if it is working. July 28-29-30-31 were typical days and we did not go to Church the 31 of July

Aug 1st was also a day of resting along with August 2 my Birthday.  Dale came in from Cincinnati  Aug 3 and Aug 4 I had Preop with 12/16/23 Dr Lauer Then we went to the Memorial Hospital for Blood work and Blood Pressure. They said I would have a Blood work August 30 at 9:15

 Aug. 5  We also asked Donnie to replace our Toilet he said go ahead and get one and he would put it in. Home Depot did not have what Rick suggested, so told Donnie we did not find one, but am going back today to pick one up that is just as good. We did pick one up Thursday and got my prescription for depression and before coming home we ate at Majors and had a Halibut and could not eat but one, so took three home to eat latter. I took the meds at 3:30 and that night did not rest and really go to sleep, did a lot of wondering and tossing even broke out with sweat in the arms and chest area for the first time. Got up at 7:30 and shaved and got ready for the day took the old air conditioner filter out and replaced it and took my meds at 8:15 am and felt like just resting. Here it is 10:50 and I reset the water out side and felt good about walking and doing something. I am finding I am able to think and keep positive in a negative world.

God is showing me the need to just trust and obey the Lord for He is not finished with us yet. Mom is doing so well most of the time and I am so thankful for how she wants the best for all including me. What a blessing to know and see her reactions and behavior during this time of my helplessness.

July 30 spent a restless night but earlier sleep from 9 to 12 and then up every 1 and a half hours till 7:45 but felt good in soul and spirit.  I did not sweat during the night like last night. I am doing a lot of thinking about how I take care of my body for it is the only one I was given. Lord help me to never over extend myself, but know what I can and what I can’t. I took by medication at 8:30 for depression. I am ready for the day and thank the Lord for the desire to become more and more like the Lord created me for goodwill and peace for all.

I went down stairs and walked 100 steps in the stair stepper. It felt so good as it helps restore my endurance. 

July 31 I felt like I should not go to Church but encourage Mom to go and I stayed home and listen to some speaker Perry Stone and felt good listening to John Heggie. Then when mom came home we ate and I had a hard time eating for my taste buds where not working and the food was so blah. I rested most of the day and felt worthless. I took the sleeping pills at 8pm and went to bed after watching Ken Davis comedy at 9:30. I got up about 7:30 Mom Morning and told mom how I felt all night as I was not able to think of anything positive but the negative thought really bothered me. She had a very hard time because I was so negative, but while I was talking to Mom I began to pray the God would give the assurance I needed to become positive Knowing we are in the hands of the Lord. It was a joy for me to tell Mom my feelings, but it was not a joyous time for Mom. So she wanted to call the Doctors office and Rick called and helped us to make contact with Corner Stone to see the Doctors Assistant. So Rick called and we had to wait for 5 minute and got ahold of the office and they tried to get the Dr on call as Dr Alexender Ho is not at work today. So they were not able to get the Assistant now, but will call Rick back. So Rick looked at what the side-affects were and thought we should stay on the same dosage until advised to not do so. I felt that was ok and mom agreed, it is a very difficult time for Mom and I yet, but are more relax in knowing the Doctor will give her input!

Aug 2 my birthday I felt so much better and said to Mom lets go to Power House for Breakfast I sent Don and Stella a message saying what we were going to do and latter got a text from Don saying, can they meet with us. I saw this message after we got back home. So I called Don and they would like to bring us sandwiches at 2 Pm. Rick called and said he talk to the Assistant Dr to Alexander Ho and we can take the medicines at night and it is going to take time for it to begin to work. Mom and I felt better knowing we could start tonight to take the meds. All the boys wished us a happy birthday and Brian called and said that Nick and Megan are going to be with them. And Brian and Megan will be going back home the 15 or 17th of August. Mike and Monica will be renting a motel for two nights, Mon and Tues.

Aug 3 Had a good night sleeping some earlier but a lot of tossing and turning. It was a good morning, but no taste in the food yet. 

Lydia and Alice Cordova came by with Bella which was a real blessing, they bought Kentucky Chicken and we had an early lunch, it was so good to fellowship with them and uplifting. Bella Hug me many times harder and harder for I started to hug her much early in her life. They said there is a box spring at the Church that we could place in the basement which we will pick up Thursday. 

I sat on my chair afterward and could not sleep but rested with my eyes closed and mom thought I was sleeping for I was not moving but complete trying to block out all noises.

Don left a message at 2:08 and said he could install the toilet Friday I text back and said we would be leaving Friday after-noon for the weeding and Brian and Gayleen might be here. He said if not Fri then Sat. I then called and talked to him and Mom talked as well and told him she would like to have it installed so Brian could us it. He said he would try to do it Fri late morning and we told him we would be leaving after noon for Wenatchee. So He is going to try to get it done. 

Aug 4th Dale here to go with me to the Urologist, they took my weight and urine sample and blood pressure. He talked about the surgery and what to expect. We were sent to another nurse that gave me the time of 6 am Aug. 23 for surgery and sent us to the Hospital for heart test, heart rate and pressure, blood work and details on how to go off some medication and what not to take before surgery. I may have to take a corvid test the 20th. They will let us know. I was a full morning finishing at 11am. Dale put everything in a month schedule. 

We spent 3 hours outside and it felt so good. When we ate at 6:00 it was very hard for me as the food, baked Potatoes, broccoli, and hamburger with Salad had no taste. I feel wasted and ready for rest so will take my meds at 8 to go to bed by 9pm. I spent last night doing a lot of negative thinking and know Satan wants to control all my thoughts and I have to resist him.

Donnie Came to install the toilet and Don and Dave show up to help. As it was completed we took off for Wenatchee for the wedding and Mike did the rehearsal which was very delightful and Abbey had eight in here party as did Derek so it took time for all to file in. 

Abbey came out from the Barn which was a moving experience. Then after rehearsal Mike and Monica treated the wedding party with Pizza which was very good along with desert. It was a very enjoyable time as Mike was the one who as a lot of question of how they felt about Derek getting married to Abbey.   There was nothing but positive remarks. We were so proud to be the Grand Parents present, Monica’s Mom, Karen and Sister Ginny and Jeff where present as well as their son. Monica’s father Larry and Sharlet were present as will.  It was an evening we will never forget I wanted to express myself more, but could not feel comfortable.  We also meet Sophie for the first time Brycen’s Girl friend which was very delightful. She is very sweet and has a very kind heart. Very pleasing and pleasant.

Saturday we all had breakfast at the Red Lion and watched the Grand and Great Grandkids swim in the pool. Rick order lunch for us all and we ate in Rick and Julies room which house us all comfortably. 
Then we went to pick up Karen to have pictures taken and as soon as we pulled in the where waiting ready for us to take family pictures with Derek and Abbey. Then we waited for a couple hours in the Barn for the wedding. It was a good time to visit with guest and at 5 the wedding started and it was great to see so many of people gathered from both side. Brian, Gayleen, Megan and Nick came in time for the wedding and it was great seeing all the boys.
Mike did an excellent job in his remarks to Derek and Abbey and as the both saw one another they both were over joyed with tears of rejoicing coming together. It was a very good warm day as most sat in the sun with a fan to use. The bride’s dad and I prayed for Derek and Abby, it was a very precious time of blessing to bestowal upon them as a family.
Then we had a dinner for all who wanted to come and the room was full of people and the crowd was able to express them-selves and the bride maids and Grooms were able to give honor to both as well. It was a very enjoyable time for all.
Sunday Morning Rick and His girls and Alex and our Great Grand Kids Grayson and Regan ate breakfast at Blueberry Restaurant and Karen, Jeff and Ginny were present as well, in another area. 
We are so thankful for what Rick was able to do for us all during this time of celebrating Derek and Abbey’s wedding and feel indebted to all. Thanks again the Lord is still in control as we let Him, lead and guide us through this wilderness of sin to His glory honor and praise. 
Brian and his family took off after the wedding later and came to our home and Brian was dropped off at the hospital for Dialysis and could not get it done until Monday the 8th all were here along with Dale and the 9th we took Dale to catch the bus for Seattle. Brian’s family spent time with friends and Nick rode with a Police Officer Joe Salinaze. Brian had Dialysis Wed the 10th at 4 to 9 PM.  We also took a ride out to Harrah to see the New School and came home and ate at Minors and Ben and Lilly Dulany came in as well for a visit. 
Gayleen took Nick back Saturday the 13th, then they had 18 friends over here for the Evening it was a very good time. 
Brian, Gayleen and Megan all went to Stone Church and did not get home until 9:30.
We also Saw Donna Broyles and Ron Monday afternoon and Ron dropped Shampoo bottle on her foot and it was very painful and swollen, so was going to see the doctor, we were able to pray for Donna Again for a healing of the foot. At the same time Megan got her cider chest. It did fit across the car side-ways. Brian had Dialysis Monday evening after we took them out to dinner at Red Lobster.
Aug 17 Jim and Jenne bought lot of groceries again and we have more than enough to share with our neighbors Mike and his wife. He looked at the mower and said he would help fix it when I got the part for a mower company here on 3rd Ave.
Aug 18 we ate outside and had our devotions it was very good again and challenged us to put our faith in God. I also cut all the weeds in the yard and came into the house and rested kind of sweaty, but did not sleep. I did not have any taste again today but can tell different texters.
Aug   19  Brian, Gayleen and Megan took off for Vancouver to get Megan thing out of storage.  I read the 13 chapter of 1 Corinthians as a devotional, letting us know how important our attitude and behavior are doing. That evening Lydia came by with a lot of mail including bills. We had a great morning called Don Kearby, Gerry Gerhart and Ben Dulany about surgery Tues and corentinine. Listen to John Lindell very good message, ate at noon. Still not ready with the joy of the Lord.
We also received $11,586.36 as a amount of the law suit against round up, $49, 351.29 was the settlement and Attorneys Fees $19, 749.23. Expense $3,219. 02. Medical Liens $14,805. 39 Loan replacement 80.00. Total Attorney’s fees $37,764.93.  We deposited it today as will. 
Aug 20 Had a Covid Test. At Memorial and will not get the results till latter. Ken Gaub had a Accident as a driver hit them from the right side opposite the Driver His Son Nathan and his Wife Dorthey was next to him and Ken. In the back where the car was hit on Kens side They all had to go to Memorial Except Ken to Harbor View in Seattle with Brain Issues along with other issues.
August 21  Was called by Memorial Hospital and negative test on Corvid so did not go to Church again. I followed instruction for Meds to the tee. 
August 22 Rick came to be with us and was here for Surgery Tuesday the Aug 23 leaving at 6:30 and we waited in waiting room till about 9 and was taken back to prepare for surgery. Rick was able to go with me and listen to the nurses and Dr Lauer, the nurses were very good to me and I went into the Surgery room, alone and five nurses took and prepared me for the 30 Minute ordeal. I woke up very quickly and was in a daze. But no Pain they took me out to see Mom and Rick, then into a waiting room I had to make sure I could urine before I could go home. It did not take long and I hurt in the groin, knowing I had to go. I did but it was very hard to get it out for there where thick blood clots and blood no real pee. Scary feeling hit me and I asked the nurses if that was normal and they said it will last several days. They let me go home shortly after with instruction. Did I ever feel good and assured God was still in control?  I just rested the rest of the day,  and the 24th Rick and I looked at the mower and found out what was the problem, a loose bolt so we were able to fix it and told our neighbor what we did and he was surprised also. This was also the day Rick put lights in the patio and out on the shrub’s. What a great day and the blood stopped flowing as well during the night so I was so relived and thankful for another day. Rick and mom went to town and got supplies and food and I stayed home.
August 25 Rick was all ready to go and He came back with Three Cups of Coffee for Mom and Mom and I were so surprised. We had coffee on the Patio under the lights. What a delightful time we had.
Aug 26, we cleaned out the garage so we could put the Car in it and the pick we parked out back of the garage. Sure looks better than in the Patio area. The 27th was a great day & 28th was Sunday and we went to Church in the morning and evening, when thy had a missionary. The 29th was a great day and the 31st we went to Harrah to get our mail that was not sent to us. When we got home we made sure everyone we owed payments to was notified. This was a great day for all of us.
September 1st I took the car to Hyundai to have the computer on it reset, as it was recalled by the Company. Only took 38 minutes. No charge it was the Company’s mistake.
Sept 2 was a great day as I mowed the lawns and turn water back on. Feeling so good yet very little taste.
Sept 3 I went to the Men’s group at the Church only 3 of us present, got to know Cody Pastors Son inlaw much better, Jim and Linda came over to pick up their chairs we borrowed for Brian and Gayleen’s Party while they were hear for Dereks Wedding very good time with them around the table on the Patio!
Mike came over to celebrate Mom Birthday and we went out to Olive Garden and had a great time as Mike gave Mom her gifts nice blanket and lighted candles and a nice shirt. Very good time then Sunday Sept 4 th we all went to Sunday School classes and Church then El Proton’s for dinner and home to watch Mike power wash off the West side of the House. It sure looks great, then he left for Home and called 3 ½ hours latter and was home what a blessing to have him here. 
Sept 5 Labor day feeling even better and a little more taste.
Sept 6-7-8 still getting better in all area and Sept 9 saw Dr Alexander Ho and I was able to tell Him I feel like is was normal again as the Lord intervened and I stopped taking the depression pills Aug 1st and could not tell rather they worked or not. He thought by listening to me I was right for stopping. We have a appointment for Latter for both of us on our 6 Month appointment or blood work and a person visit with Him. So we have a lot to look forward to.
I have been spending time on the internet to make sure people know who we are putting our trust in for it is God who created us all as He loves us and Satan is out to destroy all God created and we are seeing his lies as people are becoming more and more lawless. So Lord help us all to act and behave more and more like the Lord so we can resist the tactic of Satan behavior and Attitude. 
Thank for all who Prayed for us during this time of our lives, for God is not through with us yet!
Here it is December the 16, 2023 and still battling no good sleep and no taste in the food, except it is ok and I have to chew and chew so I can swallow what is in my mouth. 
My faith is still trusting and hoping in God to heal my body and our world of lawlessness and no shame of wrong.
Thanks for all who are praying for one another to be saved and healed in body, soul and Spirit.

Copyright 2005 Jerral Campfield, All rights reserved.