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Hello my name is Jerral Campfield and this web site is dedicated to Moral Recognition Therapy using Biblical principles. Please come back often to join me in understanding Gods hands are outstretched still to forgive.

The Joy of Those Who Trust in the Lord 1 Peter 1 Continued  E-mail
Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Friday, 03 November 2023

Our Nephew Don and Chris Kearby said they had a rental at 1218 S 6th Ave and we looked at it and like it right away. What a blessing as it was close to Central Assembly of God with Pastor Gerry and Mindy Galbreath as Pastor, That is the Church we joined and am so thankful, it is close to our Home. Pastor Galbreath asked if we would lead the Sunday Night Pray and singing of hymns, which we did and are still doing.
Being a part of the Church I volunteered to help tare out the Bath Room and it required a lot of hammering breaking 2x4s and even a sledge Hammer which I had no trouble doing for a couple days and the third day I thought I was drinking plenty of water and I became dehydrated and had to go to the Memorial Hospital to recover and did not have to stay overnight. And felt pretty good and tried to go to work again taking it easy, but found my strength was not their and was tested for coronaviruses and sure enough it was positive. I was useless and could do nothing, but rest in my chair all day. I was also going bath room at night every two hours so my body was always tired so did a lot of sleeping. Dr. Ho said I should have a Geologist look at the reason and we went to Eric Lauer and he took and found the blatter was not cancerous, so took care of the enlarged Prostrate and after it did not help. So we are going back the 27th of July at 7:00 am.
All through this time we would listen to religious music and Christian Speakers to keep my spirit up, for the joy of being able to taste during this year was not present. I have had to force myself to eat and felt some time like throwing up, but never did the last few weeks I have been doing much better for the food taste good all the time, now even though I can’t taste the real Taste, it is so good I am able to eat. Also I make sure we are drinking lots of water.
This has been one of the most difficult time in our lives for Ginny has been so kind and thoughtful in making sure I am eating and being taken care of to the degree I have to be more sensitive to her feeling while I am resting not in the living room any more, but I am going to go into the Bedroom if I sleep as Mike pointed this out to me, so I am not sleeping and we are walking in the Mall or Costco and visiting others. So, my body is getting stronger and I feel like doing things again.
One will never know the joy and pleasure of food until it has no taste, or it tastes bitter and bad. So, the Joy of the Lord has tested our faith and hope, but our faith and hope is still in the ability of our relationship to God which is still precious and assured of even through, I can’t taste.
1 Peter 1:3-6 is still proof of our Relationship to the Lord by faith and Hope so, we have the joy inexpressible and full of glory in the Lords ability to protect, provide and heal our bodies in His time. We do not dictate to God He ministers to us. It was the first of September of 2023 I began to get my taste back and rejoiced the Lord was still ministering to us as a couple. We are still wanting the Lord to lead and guide us though this world of lawlessness full of evil works of Satan.

During this time I was  still having trouble with my bladder and had to wake up every 2 hours to go to the bath room so Dr. Lauer gave me a test and sure enough my bladder needed to be shrunk so I had to go the Hospital And Rick came over from Portland to be with us during this operation and before I was able to go home I had to be able to show I could urinate and did after a while so was able to go home. The next day Rick and I worked on our riding lawnmower and I lifted more than 10 pound thinking it was ok and the Dr. lauer, told me the clamps came lose so recommend we do a more serious operation, but I said, lets wait and see if it get better, will it did not get better so I went back a month latter, I told Him I need to be tested again to see what was going on, so they inspected my blatter and said, yes Jerral the clamps came lose and I would like to do it again and so this last month of September He performed the surgery and it help for now I only have to get up twice and some time only once. O I am thank
for what is going on in my body. To have renewed strength and being able to do what-ever we want, is a joy to be hold.
I again feel like getting on the Internet and posting my thoughts about what I read and know how we are all in a state of lawlessness around the world, but yet we hold on the truth of God word.
I was asked to fill in at Union Gap October 22 and counted it a privilege to speak to them as they are without a Pastor. The Church is small and has been in Union Gap while growing up in the Area. It was a Church that ministered to the people of Union Gap and as Union Gap became a thriving city the Church did not grow and Connie Williams and his wife Edith passed away this summer, so Pastor Womack and His wife were appointed as Pastors and after a few month had to resign and now Bud Brown fills in and Pete Williams I worked with in the Jail asked if I would minster to them and it was a privilege, for I let them all know we as Gods people that need to rest in what the Lord is allowing to happen in our world today. That is the reason we do not let lawlessness and insanity make us discouraged, But, we can rest assured, God is still in control and has a Church where those attending need to be letting others know the love of the Lord, and how to day with Israel being attacked like never before they need the Help of the Lord and He has some one ready to help them out. So thank the Lord God blesses us as we abide in the Vine as John 15 tells us all to do. We are saw Israel October the 7th have to attack Hamas and the Islamics and here it is October 31 and the Battle is raging to where the United States is involved and. our world hates what the Jews are doing by defending themselves. I feel the Lord is showing the world He is not asleep and we need to be looking for the Lord sounding the trumpet to call his bide the Church home for the wedding of the Lamb of God for the 7 years of tribulation that is going to happen on earth as people are dictated to be the Anti Christ or they are not going to be able to buy or sell!!

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