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Hello my name is Jerral Campfield and this web site is dedicated to Moral Recognition Therapy using Biblical principles. Please come back often to join me in understanding Gods hands are outstretched still to forgive.

Lord help us to be full of the Holy Spirit of God  E-mail
Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Friday, 02 June 2023

If the Holy Spirit Isn't Near It, Let’s make sure we are telling the truth to be set free of addictions in sins!

Do we know the truths limits? Let’s be strong in His might so we can be set free of the lawlessness we are seeing increasing today around our world.
The Holy Spirit is needed to day to live in us so we know with out a doubt God sent His Son; Jesus to be alive in our lives so we can produce goodwill and peace the way He created us all. It is still the Holy Spirit that empowers us to know the value of, only one life will soon be past, only what is done for Christ is going to last.
We are called to be Ambassadors in the Kingdom of God as we give of our all to the Lord; who created us all for goodwill and peace.
Having served on the White Swan School Board we witnessed the first girl wanting to wrestle with the boys and 3 board member agreed and two of us felt it was not right and that was in 1970’s. The majority ruled and it happen but all your matches were won for the boys refused to wrestle with her. Look at what is happening today with in education women are competing with men. This is no longer bringing shame, but a person, right to do what they want.
We are seeing now pornographic material in School libraries and it is cause from divorce in marriage covenants. Marriage is still what gives us new babies and cuts off abortion for children are precious in the Sight of the Lord yet, and Satan hate new life and is destroying all accountability to right that is justified ok!
We need the anointing of the Holy Spirit to speak up before boards and our government to being conviction by the Lord for we can’t convict but that is what come from the Lords Holy Spirit inspiring us to achieve our potential.
It has been said by followers of the Lord "It's not me. I'm man and I'm fallible, born in sin and sharpened in iniquity. Christ has forgiven me for my sins and covered me with His blood. But at the end the day, I'm human.
"So, I depend upon the third part of the Trinity, and that's the Holy Spirit that dwells within me and gives me the proper words to say in the proper timing. I believe that when you have the Holy Spirit, number one, it will testify of Christ beyond just speaking in tongues. You will testify and be a witness to the truth. 
We are living in a time when the truth is needed to set us free from all the lawlessness that is taking place. Mark 13:11, reads, "But when they arrest you and hand you over, take no thought before, or premeditate what you should speak. But speak whatever is given you in that time, for it is not you who speaks, but the Holy Spirit."
We are seeing many people speak their minds about many subjects, including well-intentioned believers. But their words fall short of effectiveness because the Holy Spirit is nowhere near the conversation.
That is the reason we need to speak the truth and not our opinion. It is God word and He gave us all the ability to be empowered to testify of the truth to dispel the lies of Satan’s addictions!
We are seeing today the truth not being accepted for people delight in lawlessness with no guilt or shame. So we see bitterness destroy all principles that allow us to be safe and sound in our homes and streets of America.

We are wanting someone to take control and I do not want it to be the Anti Christ, but Jesus who came to give us the ability to breath and take care of what He Gave us in our 15 senses; five in our Spirits; who do we 1.Worship, 2. Reverence, have 3. Faith and 4. Hope in to answer our 5. Prayers. Then 5 in our Souls; 1. Imagination, 2. Conscience, 3. Reason, 4. Memory and 5. Affection so our 5 senses in our bodies: 1. Eyes, 2. Ears, 3. Nose, 4, Mouth and 5. Feeling in our flesh. 
This is the reason I like what can be done on the internet to bring us the way, truth and life that is found as we connect to the vine Jesus, that we can then bring order to obeying the truth the Lord gave us all, when we were born with faith the size of a mustard seed to work at make sure we developed in His likeness.
As a Chaplain, Minister, Ambassador in the Kingdom of God I want to speak out where ever I can to bring common sense so we do not fallout of the Tree of life, God gave us all to enjoy.
We need to know the Bible is very clear about the fact we are not to harm Children in any way. That is the reason we are to train our children in the ways of the Lord. We are required to love our children and it is seen in how we correct our children according to the Bible. Correction is love in actions with good behavior. We are seeing no correction at homes, Schools and many Churches today around the world. This is seen in the amount of homelessness and lawlessness in every area of life.
"Luke 17:2 says that it's better for a man to be thrown in the sea with a millstone tied around his neck than for us to do harm or damage to a child,"There are so many people in this country who are harming children. They are perverting children and corrupting the minds of children. If you consider the abortion industry, they want to eliminate children.
"When you consider the public school system, even some of your private Christian schools, they've gone woke. They want to indoctrinate children. There are so many attacks that have been launched and hurled upon children. So, it's going to take men and women full of the Spirit ... consider the power that indwelled Peter on the day of Pentecost. ... He began to preach in a manner that they had never heard before. We finally see Peter, the 'rock man,' transformed into that strong anchor that Christ knew he would be before He told him that Satan would come and sift him as wheat.
"And so, today, we need boldness. In particular, in the church, we need the pastors to stand up. Many of our pastors have become weak and frail. They have lost their voice and lost their backbone and won't speak up. Many pastors have blood on their hands because they have failed to be true watchmen. Watchmen are called not simply to watch, but to warn. I want to make sure I see and know the way, truth and life that is promised to us all as we get connected to the vine; Jesus so we can then produce goodwill and peace to pray for our enemies to come to know the Lord to be set free of all the addictions of Satan who is out to destroy all God created for our good.
I pray for all who are alive that they can let God have His way, as we give our all to Him, to do His will, so we are at peace with what is going on our world of lawlessness.
God is going to call the Church Home so they can become the bride God wants us to be to bring glory and honor to Him for 7 year and then bring us back with Him to rule and reign for a 1,000 years. What a day that will be for many are going to be saved as they are not taking the Mark of the Beast or the Anti-Christ of 666. Are you ready for God Justice, or do you like Satan’s deceptions of lusting for evils addictions.
Remember God loves His creation and Satan hates and wants to destroy all God created. So Who do you Trust and obey!

Copyright 2005 Jerral Campfield, All rights reserved.