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Hello my name is Jerral Campfield and this web site is dedicated to Moral Recognition Therapy using Biblical principles. Please come back often to join me in understanding Gods hands are outstretched still to forgive.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!  E-mail
Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Saturday, 24 December 2005

Merry Christmas

Happy New Year

We just came from a Christmas Eve Serviceís at our Church and had our oldest son, his wife and family here for supper. With potato pancakes, apple sauce, sausage and bacon which has become tradition.

Christmas has always been a special time for both Ginnyís and my lives. My mother would have all the Uncles and Aunties from both sides of our family. It was a time of laughter, eating, playing games and exchanging of gifts, Ginnyís family did the same.

The older we get the more we appreciate family, for as they get older the greater the blessings. We now have 10 grandkids, being taught the biblical pattern of living and to see their dedication to the Lord is the thrill of our lives.


We truly understand that just as we were taught Christian principles by our parents, our kids are doing the same. I would like everyone to experience more of the love of the Lord in 2006.

As we watched C.S. Lewis Movie Narnia and seen Fox Newsís account as they looked at the fact of Jesus birth in Bethlehem, men and women have a difficult time understand the truth.

Mysticism abounds today in every area of life and it seems as through right has become wrong and wrong has become right.

The Bible is still the Word from God and it has not changed as we have as society.

As we look at the Sea Hawks and any other sports team thatís winning the greater the effort, the greater the success.  

I trust as we look at 2006 we will be challenged at making sure we donít let the truth of Godís Word become mystic. Our media, Hollywood and Authors, along with bloggers, need to be careful they understand and know the truth of what they are saying. Abraham Lincoln said, ďYou can fool part of the people part of the time, but not all the people all the timeĒ.

I continue to tell those I am speaking to in our jails, if I am not telling the truth please stop me and explain how my opinion is wrong.  Everyone has opinions based upon there experience growing up in their homes. Many times people are taught to lie, steal, cheat, swear, smoke, even taking drugs, all the time thinking it is ok. I feel there are more people with opinions that are damaging our society rather than blessing.

May we see the light and walk without falling, this New Year and if we do, lets donít forget to say, Iím sorry.

One of the areas I see daily is most people do not want happiness, for they have nothing to do then. Happiness is not earned by how much money we have, or what kind of job we have, it is a gift given by God as we accept eternal life now.

Our jail has moved into the New Justice Center it is very difficult for people to relax, be thankful and happy, for we did not bring as people in authority the same behavior and attitude. Happiness comes as we obey the rules, which brings order. Lord help, us this New Year to obey the rules you have set down for us, that we could be more blessed than any time in our lives.

Those of you that have been released from jail or prison need to remember as long as youíre cooperating with rules and order you were blessed. Now one of the rules of the Bible is making sure youíre not forsaking the House of the Lord. Become a part of the Church for it is the greatest source of relationships that enable you to grow in the things of the Lord.

 Our Christmas Eve Service ended by a candle being lit, and everyone taking their candle and lighting it, until all the candles where burning. I trust 2006 you will never let your candle go out and if it does, make sure you light it by getting on your knees and saying Lord forgive me and help me to shine for you in every area of my life.

Jesus came that we might have life abundantly and I pray that 2006 will be the most rewarding to you as you read and believe the truth of the Word of God.

Copyright 2005 Jerral Campfield, All rights reserved.