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Hello my name is Jerral Campfield and this web site is dedicated to Moral Recognition Therapy using Biblical principles. Please come back often to join me in understanding Gods hands are outstretched still to forgive.

Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Sunday, 18 December 2005

             Merry Christmas!



         Merry Christmas!

Who ever thought Merry Christmas would be a word we could not use for greeting

one another. Many are trying to erase any word associated with the name of Christ.

If it where not for Christmas what would we have to give to the world, that is lost?

God gave the world the greatest gift when He breathed into our nostril the breath of life, in the very beginning of time. We choose to live by accepting that pure air we breathe. Not too many people want to stop breathing, but many are breathing impure air and experiencing the consequences, shame and disgrace. In the beginning of time men had to choose rather to obey God, or Satan and it seems people want to obey Satan and stamp out anything to do with God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit.

I trust this Christmas we see what the wise men saw and that was a star which stood over where Jesus was born. Herod the King could not see the star, can we?

Herod wanted the wise men to tell him were he lay, they did not. Herod was so angry he had all the children killed from 2 years old and younger. He tried to stamp out the name of Jesus, but he could not. I do not think man can destroy the name of Jesus, for He came to give us life more abundantly, as we accept the greatest gift of all. God gave us His only Son as a baby to grow into manhood, so we could go through rejection. The world is doing a great job of rejecting the Jews, the Christians and truth, but God is going to protect us as He did Jesus from Herod.

Note what the wise men did first as they worshiped God, they surrendered to His will. Then they gave gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Gold is symbolic of riches of a Kingly person of wealth. God wants us to treat Jesus as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, as we are a part of the Kingdom of God. What riches we have, as we accept the way, the truth, and the life, He then brings blessing, not curses.  Gold is going to be in abundance in Heaven and He wants us to have His riches now of His grace and mercy. All we have to do is say Lord Iím sorry for doing wrong, forgive me and help me to do your will. Then you can rejoice in the Lords gift of eternal life right now.

Frankincense was the most fragrant of all perfumes and itís symbolic of the aroma of the presence of the Lord upon our lives as Christians. We all have a smell, an atmosphere and I trust itís the love of the Lord. Itís the Honey in the rock that draws people to the Lord, as we are salt and light in a world that is going sour. Lets not hid our light, but reveal by actions that we are following Jesus.

Myrrh was used for medical purposes and embalming and that is what is needed to day, to heal our sin sick souls. When we die out to the Lord, he gives us the myrrh to preserve us to carry on, as Ambassadors for Christ. He heals the broken hearted when they cry out for forgiveness for He loves the whole world and all within it.

Here we are December 17, 2005, what a beautiful time of the year, people celebrating the birth of our Savior and King just as the wise men did. Many do not know what He has to offer and do not really care, for they get to do what they want to. I hear often, you do your thing and Iíll do mine, so donít bother me. Who do you think you are telling me; Jesus is the way, truth and life? I wonder how Jesus felt when He tried to help others, including Judas. I find that even in the Church today, people do not want to accept reality. Reality is difficult, for it requires the Lords will, not mine. I am so thankful this Christmas season it is still JESUS, OTHERS AND YOU that spells JOY.

This is a season when our five senses of the soul, our imaginations becomes alive; we have seen the star and know the difference between a lie and the truth. So we see imagination, times vividness, equals reality. We see all around us the difference in the character of Christians and non Christians. Values and morality is not only spoken it is lived out by our character.

Your conscience needs to be reality, to make you aware of sins effect and consequences, so youíre walking with God, blessed. The wise men were blessed and did not go back to King Herod; they were lead by the Holy Spirit. Every man women and child knows the difference between right and wrong sooner or latter. I trust you have the fear of the Lord in your heart, so your sensitive to sinning against God. God wants us to have robes of righteousness, that is purity in you five senses of the body.

What is the reason for doing what you do? Is it benefiting mankind, never harming anyone? Only the Lord gave the wise men the opportunity to see the star and the reason for following it. Do you know the reason for following the Lord? Is it for suffering shame, or hiding, I hope not, but for serving the Lord and obeying the Lord? He is the reason for the season, is what we hear often during the Christmas season.

How about your memory, is it alive? Everyone has experiences that have made you who you are, and hopeful we are still growing from our past teaching and what we fill our minds with. Garbage in garbage out is what the computer teaches us every time we use it. God has given us His Word and it is full of promises, as gifts and I hope our memories never forgets the pit from which we were rescued from. Do you remember the sin of despair, rejection, alcohol, drugs, smoking and getting lung cancer? How many times have you tried to hide wrong by denying youíve had a problem of any kind?

Then at this time of year is your affection toward wanting to know the Lord more and more. Can you see your soul begin to soar, as you come alive in the five senses of your soul? The wise men were in love with Jesus and wanted to let Him know how much they appreciated Him. Where is our first love? Do we love the Lord our God, with all our hearts this Christmas season?

Now look at the Spirits five senses, so we can know and follow the truth of the Word, as we have faith in God, giving us the hope in a world that seems to be hopeless. Never forgetting the power of prayer as a sinner, Lord help me!  We never get to the place where we do not need help. Lord, may I sing praises as I worship you and bow down to you, as we reverence your name. Thank the Lord for our senses to know that He is in control, wanting to lead us, as we follow Him. Sounds simple - right, but it is so hard, in fact itís impossible without the Lord, who rescues us from sins bondage.

I trust youíll open your Bible and read the Christmas story again and again, until you see the Star and are filled with the Holy Spirit of God. May the faith you have of the Lord leap for joy, and you begin to find the Lord giving you a great love for Jesus, others and then you? JOY is a gift only God can give us through the birth of His Son Jesus. No man can buy joy; it is given by Jesus as we accept the gift of gifts.

So what are you receiving from the Lord this Christmas and what are you giving back to Him and those you come in contact with? I trust it is more LOVE, Respect, Trust, and empowerment that all might become more and more like Jesus and His grace to show. Jesus performed will and I trust that others will see Christ in us, as we perform as Christians.

Merry Christmas !


Copyright 2005 Jerral Campfield, All rights reserved.