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Hello my name is Jerral Campfield and this web site is dedicated to Moral Recognition Therapy using Biblical principles. Please come back often to join me in understanding Gods hands are outstretched still to forgive.

Grace Recovery Ministry starting April 12 Harrah A/G
Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Friday, 06 April 2018

I realize we are in a world that God seems to be letting Satan have more authority and know without a shadow of doubt, we are all living in a world that is out of order. Education, government, our economy and religion is not able to save us from the addictions of sin. 
Life requires we all work to fight sin that wants to abuse us and cause us to be addicted to wrongs that are destroying civility and breaking up countries from within. We all have natural bodies that want to be normal doing what is wrong, for we are born sinners. God created us good but make choice to eat what
God told him not to, so God placed a curse upon men and
women called sin. Sin is simply doing what we are told not to do. So, sin is anything that we do that brings addictions to where we can’t help from dipping into it. Flip Wilson used the Phrase, “Satan made me do it.” No Satan did not, sin happens normally. When I do not listen to God, for God gave us a law in the Old Testament and when we broke the law we would have to offer a sacrifice to be forgiven, then not do it again, or we would have to offer a sacrifice again. Then Jesus came to this earth as a baby and went through all we will ever go through, yet without sin. He was tried and found to be at fault and Barabbas the criminal was released and Jesus was crucified. What an injustice, but yet Jesus, died and was buried and after three days, He arose from the grave and appear to man for 40 days showing He was alive. Then He said to the Disciple to wait in the upper room for the Holy Spirit that will be just like me without limitations, who will be present to empower us to not continue in sin, once we were willing to abide in the vine; Jesus. 
We like to misuse or abuse our lives and it brings emotional mental addictions. These abuses bring change in the way we deal with life and others for we can’t see reality of what sin is doing. We become dependent upon sin to survive, as it causes us to develop tolerance and we keep; on sinning. Thinking it is
ok, only to find we can’t quit, or stop for we have been
addicted without any sense of wrong doing. So, all relationship with family and loved ones suffers and it brings forth a poor self-image, to where it affects our health, personal finance, and security of jobs.  Even our pride of ownership becomes sloppy and junkie, for we cannot see the need for order of what the truth really does or is. So, we are living in a world of, I wish, rather than I can, let’s do not deny we have a sin, but see the need we all have of being a blessing and not a curse.
I hope as you look at yourself you know who you are? Where you are, on this great big planet and where you’re going to go after you die? God created good and evil, wrong and right, heaven and hell; healthy and sickly and it is up to us to make good positive choices that give us assurance, we are created by God, to become better and better, as we learn the consequences of sin. Sin hurts and that is the job of Satan who was cast out of heaven and he is still mad and wants to take you with him. So be careful you know the answers to the reason we sin and resist serving your addictions to wrong and give God a change to rule and reign over your life, so you can be set free of the addictions of sin.
I am saddened by what happen in Los Vegas when Stephen Paddock committed the biggest mass murder in American history. Then to see the destruction caused by the Hurricanes, volcanos, earthquakes, flooding, forest fires, lawlessness and killings of innocent people give reason to wonder where is God? Yet it is the heart of a man that is disparately wicked that needs to watch, wait and see what God wants to do in our lives, so we can abide in Him and begin to bear goodwill and peace in our area of influence.
Sin is what God calls an act of rebellion that is a transgression against Gods Divine law. Sin can be viewed as any thought, or action that endangers the ideal relationship between an individual and their God or Gods, or as any diversion from the perceived ideal order for human life. The bible says it is missing the mark or target. There are sins of ignorance, and sins of omission. 

Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Friday, 30 March 2018

John 1 New King James Version (NKJV)
The Eternal Word
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John here is speaking about God, the word of Jehovah, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are involved in the word of God, it is a two-fold word conceived and uttered, intelligence and utterance. Intelligence is thought that is understood. Everyone here had to learn to speak, it does not just happen. We are taught our particular language, for we all were given the ability to hear and think. God created us with a body, soul and spirit that comes alive according to our parent’s behavior and attitude, until we see for ourselves the difference between good and evil. Lord help us to think about godliness, which is against our nature that is bent on sinning at birth. The Lord wants us to hear Him, so we can become like Him. Matthew 17:5 show Peter, James and John with Jesus at the transfiguration of Moses and Elias as their faces shone like the sun as they talk to them. Peter wanted to build a tabernacle one for Jesus, Moses and Elias but a voice out of heaven said. This is my beloved Son, of whom I am well pleased hear Him. Everyone does not come into this world hearing the voice of the Lord. We hear the voice of our parents and sometimes it is not a godly voice. That is the reason when parents know the Lord, the first voice a Child hears is a Godly voice that is full of love and it is seen and expressed over and over again. That is conceiving knowledge, knowing the Lord came to give us salvation, redeeming us from sin that destroys us from becoming like God. God is always speaking to us and during this Easter Season Church are fuller and the Gospel Jesus saves is being broadcast around the world. He is the truth that is so needed today. He is the life that needs to be in our words as we proclaim Jesus save, heals and satisfies every longing of the body, soul and spirit. He is the faithful witness, for He is alive and His spirit is wanting us to hear, God his Son; Jesus, and the Holy Spirit loves us. He came to set us free of all addictions, He came to give us life abundant with the Joy of the Lords approval. He has a home prepared for us now and forever in Heaven. He existed in the beginning before time, He bought the world into existence. The word had a being before the world had a beginning. The word was ever present, it had no beginning it was always alive. It is the word that sustains all we see within nature and the body of humankind and his soul and spirit.
He was in the beginning with God. He existed in the beginning, the world was in the beginning, but the word always was. This is hard to phantom the word had a being before the world had a beginning. The word is not bound by time, it has and will always be alive. The word co-existed with the Father in the beginning, that is what we see in essence and substance of how God created all thing for goodwill and peace. The word and God are in total agreement in counsel and design, for God’s word the Bible is the best counsel known to man. It is a mystery how God redeems by His word, as it is hide in God before all the world. It is Gods words that bring us to God that we are celebrating to day. How marvelous and wonderful this word of God is to us yet look at the suffering Jesus went through on the cross as he prayed, Father let this cup pass from me. Yet not my will thy will be done. Jesus did it all and said in Matthew 11:26 to 27 Even so Father: for so it seemed good in thy sight. All things are delivered unto me of my Father; and no man knoweth the Son, but the Father, neither knoweth any man the Father, save the Son, and he to whomsoever the Son will reveal. Then Jesus says Come unto me, all that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart, and you shall find rest unto your souls, for My yoke is easy, and my burden is light. God gave His word so we can be bought up in His family, as we are abiding in the Vine; Jesus. We speak the language of our heavenly Father. What a truth Gods word has the story of His birth, His works as a Child of the Lords, His rejection, denial and conviction as a criminal that did nothing but save, heal, feed, deliver and bring people peace in a world out of order and yet He did it all that we might go through this same world with victory in knowing God lives in our lives, He is not dead He is alive, just as He has always been alive to create within us His image to be like Him.  All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. He, God, His Word and the Holy Spirit are what makes believers in the Kingdom of God become more and more like the Lord, as we are becoming a part of His family. Are you seeing reality, God created all things by His Words? Without Him was not anything made that was made, from the highest angel to the meanest of creation. He is God for He built all things. He approved of the excellency of the Christian religion, for He was the author and founder of the way, truth and life that is found as we trust and obey. Look around and you see many who are believers and are following the Lord in such a way the Lord is lifted up and the Church is not looking for glory it is there. Seeing the life of Billy Graham was such a blessing as he stayed connected to the Gospel telling all, Jesus saves, and all we had to do is repent of our sins and God will forgive us of our sins and empower us to turn from our evil ways. The Church around the world cares for the sins that plague our world and has an answer to solve our problems and that is Jesus, who died on a cross and was buried in a grave, but after three day He arose and lives and empowers us with His Holy Spirit, so He can live in us, giving us the ability to stay connected to the life giver Jesus Christ our Lord. It is God giving us His word to redeem us and give us salvation, a way out of sins dark hold upon our world.

Reaching and Revitalizing Rural America!
Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Saturday, 24 March 2018

Reaching and Revitalizing Rural America

 We are all living in a world of information that is instant which should give us goodwill and peace, yet we are seeing the opposite. We are in an age of foolishness, like never before and we do not know how foolish the next day is going to be. We are seeing evils dark side and no one is able to stop what is evil, for Satan is out to kill everyone. The rural America is affected as much, or maybe more for we are smaller than the populated area of our world, and we as a whole feel it effects on our sanctity.

We have a story of struggling in the decaying of morality in our cultures and traditions, in the home and our Churches, for people want to gather where there are numbers. The Rural areas do not have the luxury of large arenas and great musical talent that are entertaining in themselves. We are in an old environment where our Church are older and smaller and our youth have the ability to drive great distances to get what they want. For we have been geared to think bigger is better, and do not put the emphasis on relationship that should be an area of primary importance. The relationship with parents and the Church is what gave the Rural areas a feeling of belonging to God and to one another. That feeling is become now more of an interest in who has the most friends on the internet. 

Our Area is dependent upon Farming and Farming has become a large enterprise, involving several families to maintain and run the business which leaves those who are on governmental assistance demanding even more with less work being done by locals and the farmer having to go outside to get their employees. This attracts a lot of evil doing and when it is on a reservation your dealing with superstition and traditions that are based on the animal world, or worship of the Zodiac stars in the heaven and not fulling trusting in God, for God created everything good and evil and it is up to us to know the difference.  We lack pride of ownership of what we owe, for we’re surrounded by hate for what happen to us in the past. This is seen in how many alcoholics we have and how freely drugs are used. Then the way we treat our boys and girls without intact families, but broken families where the children may not know who Dad is, or maybe who mom is, so they live with grandma or aunties and uncles. This cause one to think about who am I?  Who really cares, and they feel they have a reason to hang out with their friends who are bent on trouble, with taking advantage of one another sexually, leading to more confusion of evil actions and behavior. The word dysfunctional becomes compounded for they have no sense of moral responsibility which needs to be taught in the home.

Our School on the reservation are plagued with absenteeism for why go to school for they have no encouragement in the home. You see when in the homes in our rural areas, we are faced with so many problems where no one is wanting to solve them, we have crime at an all-time high, which we are dealing with in our Valley as we have two laws and when you step into the Reservation your Governed by Indian treaty laws and the County Sheriff’s Department has to work with Indian jurisdiction. This then allows some to have favor and are not prosecuted according to the law, but turn back into the community to repeat the criminal activity. We have had several community meetings this year already with people in authority and it seems people are good at blaming someone else. Those in Patty Murray’s; our Senator in WDC office said, “we did not realize you had such a problem on the Reservation”. Our Tribal leader are wanting justice, but seem to be good at placing blame on our political officers, prosecutors and Judges.

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