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Hello my name is Jerral Campfield and this web site is dedicated to Moral Recognition Therapy using Biblical principles. Please come back often to join me in understanding Gods hands are outstretched still to forgive.

Advent day 3 Joy in the true Homes  E-mail
Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Friday, 15 December 2017

We were shown Dec 3 how God came to live among us in our homes and then how we meet Him and let Him abide in our manger or home December 10th now today Dec. 17th we are going to see the Joy He bought with Him for us, as His followers 1 Thessalonians 5   12 And we urge you, brethren, to recognize those who labor among you, and are over you in the Lord and admonish you, 13 and to esteem them very highly in love for their work’s sake. Be at peace among yourselves. Paul is describing what is going on in the last days before He comes to take us home. But thank the Lord He came as a babe, to live among us, showing us the way, truth and life that’s ours, as we abide in the vine; Jesus. He came to live among us as Father, or Daddy in our homes where we live move and have our being since He lives within us giving us the opportunity to have goodwill and peace, which give unspeakable joy of the Lord. We see this in many home where God rules and reigns for the joy of the Lord is their strength. When we look at the sacrifice of those that are preaching, teaching evangelizing and doing missionary work we should rejoice in the fact God Choose them. Thank the Lord for people that know more than I do, for they encourage, helping to enable us to achieve our potential, everyone is born with a talents or gifts God wants to us. Thank the Lord for people that are over us that want to teach us to do what is right. 14 Now we exhort you, brethren, warn those who are unruly, comfort the fainthearted, uphold the weak, be patient with all. This is seeing the need for good solid wise coaching for people need to be exhorted to practice what is right. And people need to be warned of the consequences of sin, so they can become accountable for their behavior and attitude. I am so thankful for every warning I received that prevented me from getting into trouble. It was my parents at home that help me the most, then when I went to school it was the teachers, principals and counselors that became my friends, for I wanted to do what is right. Yes, I received many spanking at home and at school that made me realize, there was joy in doing right over wrong. It is our Father, God that is always challenging us to stay connected and work at becoming more and more like Him, so the joy of the Lord is always present. When joy is not present, I am not happy, or pleased with anyone or anybody. It is when I see my need and how the Lord is able to lead me and guide me I am the most satisfied. We are living in a day that no one seems to like to be corrected for everybody has been taught to do their thing and do not bother me, for I will not bother you. This is the new age and people are lawless and restless without direction which takes a lot of patience from all today to deal with. That is one reason the world is looking for a savior and ready to accept an Anti- Christ for we need help.  15 See that no one renders evil for evil to anyone, but always pursue what is good both for yourselves and for all. What a blessing to know our Father who lives in our homes wants the best for all His children for He never honors evil, but wants the best for all, so we become better as a society, race or tribe. We need to look for ways to be good to ourselves and to others all the time, for that is the way of our Father God and His Holy Spirit that enables us to be more and more like Him. Today we have the Smart Phones, that are connected to computes so one can keep contact with others around the world. Satan wants you to know it is your phone and you can do with it whatever you want. What a lie, for the smart phone does not know the difference from right, or wrong. To know what is right demands being taught at home from the right manual, that being the Bible. When right is not taught, wrong becomes ok, lawlessness then becomes ok and everyone gets hurt and suffers. So, we do not have to teach wrong behavior, we are born to accept wrong until proven the consequences of its evil fruit is going to hurt, until we repent and accept the truth, still needs to be taught.
16 Rejoice always, 17 pray without ceasing, 18 in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. Rejoice always happens when we are abiding in the vine; for God does not give us something we can’t handle, remember we are Gods children and He wants to have control and nothing is impossible with God. It is because of prayer that we can give thanks for all God is doing around the world that we do not like, but able to commit everything into the hands of the Lord, that are outstretched still against all evil. God is not sleeping, or getting tired, He is well aware of what is going on and Satan is causing, as we give way to him. Thank the Lord greater is He that lives in us, then he that lives in the world.

Lord help us to know the power that is in prayer, for prayer is our life line to heaven and is never to be cut off by men, or women. Thank the Lord His hot line is always open for He is at Home wanting to recue us any time needed. So we can have the joy of the Lord.
Are we not seeing sexual sin in every area of life that is shocking around the world for people feel they are like little gods free to do what every they want. Lord help us to realize we are sinners needing salvation from all evils lust. That is the reason our consciences need to be kept sensitive to the spirit of God.
19 Do not quench the Spirit. To quench the Spirit of God is so easy, for we do it without even thinking about the need of prayer. It is so easy to not have faith and not want to pray, prayer is so hard, for Satan does not like to see anyone pray. Yet we are in need of someone to talk to about what is brothering us, preventing us form having the joy of the Lord. It is the Lord who we need a relationship with so He can quicken our spirit to what sin is and what it does to our bodies, souls and spirits, so the joy of the Lord is always present even in difficult times. 20 Do not despise prophecies. The Lord has given people the special gift of prophecy that keeps one informed of what is going to happen next, you can go to prophecy watchers today and find valuable information in relation to what is going to happen based on the history of the past, now and then tomorrow. 21 Test all things; hold fast what is good. It is so easy to do what we have been doing that is getting us into trouble without thinking, for the fun of wrong is real and we need to test what we are doing to see is it the truth? For the truth never hurts us, but sets us free. 22 Abstain from every form of evil. Abstain is something you have to work at for it is resisting evil, not letting it rule you, or put you in bondage, or causing you to be addicted to sins that destroy relations with God and one another. 
Blessing and Admonition
23 Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Peace is never easy, for it has to be worked at, it takes a lot of effort to maintain one’s ability to control anger so it us used as a tool to make you and not break you. Anger is our greatest weapon to show disgust of wrong so we do not do it again and again. Notice Luke a Doctor Mentions Spirit first and that is; who we worship, reverence, have faith and hope in to answer our prayers? God or the enemy. Then he mentions Soul that has five senses Imagination, reasonaffection, memoryand conscience which can be seen like what is your spirt showing our soul, is really who we are when no one is looking. The we all know the five senses of the body, earsmouthnose, eyes and feeling that need to be controlled by our Spirits, so our souls keep pure and holy, so we are healthy in every area of our lives. So, we are able to be preserved blameless when the Lord comes to call us home. 24 He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it. He; God is faithful for His Hands are outstretched still saying come unto me all that are heavy laden and I will give you rest. This require you to put your mind into gear and just do, come to Him and let Him direct and guide you through this journey to eternity.
25 Brethren, pray for us. There is never a time when we do not need prayer as an individual and corporately for we need to communicate with God to know Him and love Him to please Him at all times. Prayer today is needed for we are seeing scandals in every area of life as the heart of man is showing it is desperately wicked. Look at the people in famous positions that are being accused of sexual misconduct and we wonder how widespread is it. Sin is showing it’s ugliness as lawlessness is rampant around the world.
26 Greet all the brethren with a holy kiss. This is a proper kiss, hand shake, nod or some other kind of gesture that is a sign of affection. A holy kiss is always appropriate and lends to kindness that shows one cares.  
27 I charge you by the Lord that this epistle be read to all the holy[a] brethren. The Bible is still Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth that needs to be studied and applied in order for one to achieve His /Her potential. 
28 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen.
Notice grace comes from the Lord and He alone gives this grace which has many benefits, for it show mercy, forgiveness, rebirth, reformation, restoration, redemption, sanctification, justification that gives us the desire to proclaim it from the house tops.

Copyright 2005 Jerral Campfield, All rights reserved.