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Hello my name is Jerral Campfield and this web site is dedicated to Moral Recognition Therapy using Biblical principles. Please come back often to join me in understanding Gods hands are outstretched still to forgive.

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Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Thursday, 09 November 2017

Thank the Lord, God in the beginning created all and knows the needs we all have been created with, as He wants to meet our needs according to what we think of Jesus, for He created us all with a desire to achieve our potential. That is the reason we have to surrender our ways to His way, truth and life in order to have a good self-image of who we are.
God created us from the dirt that surrounds us all. This dirt gives life to where we grow the food from which we eat and from which we build our houses. Dirt is life and that life is what we are created from. Genesis 1:26 to 2:7 tells the Story of how we were created for good will and peace. Women was made from the rib of a man, showing how important marriage was to multiply man upon the earth. We need to have partnership between one man and one women that is permanent to produce spiritual unity among themselves, so they can have children in a positive spiritual, sexual way. This is the reason we all have needs for relationship starting in the home, between mom and dad, so children that can be taught values based on morality, not sexuality. This need for relationship is very holy and pure and needs to be honored by our responsibility to one another in love of God, then we can have relationships that honor one another.

Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a theory in Psychology that will not allow one to achieve his or her potential unless we see our need for the Lords will to be done in our lives. Yes, it is very good for it shows what we need except giving us hope to succeed on our trip at the end of life; were we will spend eternity heaven or hell.

Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of Needs is a Theory in Psychology and the bottom begins with basic needs-Physiology needs: food water, warmth and rest then Safety needs:  security and safety. Then to Psychological needs- Belongingness and love needs: intimate relationships, friends. Then up top Esteem needs: Prestige and feeling of accomplishment. Then the top Self-fulfillment needs-Self-actualization: achieving ones full potential, including creative activities.
Your seeing no reference of God at all and everything we are and hope to be is based on who we think our creator is. We need to have communion with the Lord. Where are you? Is the question God asked Adam for he was hiding from God, like what so many are doing today? Maslow had a good picture of what man needed except he to forgot God who gives us empowerment to abide, and rest in the provision God gave to the world and that is His Son Jesus and just before Jesus lift for heaven He told the Disciples, I will send you another comforter. Someone just like me, I can’t be with you all the time, but the Holy Spirit is able to be with you night and day. Just like the cloud was with Israel in the wilderness for 40 years by day and the cloud of fire by night, so His Spirit is with us as we accept and abide in Him enabling us to live and not be bound by sins evils.

I would like to enforce the Bible as we need to make sure we have a need that is greater than any other and that is a Spiritual need with its five senses. Worship, Reverence, Faith and hope in God to answer our prayers.
Then we all have a Soul that has five sences Imagination, conscience, memory, reason and affection that needs to be controlled by our Spirits, so our bodies five senses can be pure and holy as will. Our eyes, ears, mouth, nose and feeling are all needed to be controlled by our spiritual spirits, so we are disciplined to walk with the Lord and follow His way, truth and life.
We can’t deny we have physiological needs like food, water, warmth and rest which are basic. Even our saftey needs of feeling secure and safe is common to all, as we have to have relations and need others surrounding us to give us a sense of it is ok and everything around us is not, but as we abide in the Lord we are save and sound as we belong to our savior, Jesus. The tuthfuler the better our relationships are that is necessary to help carry the loads of life. That is the reason we need to esteem others greater than our selfves. We are living in a new age that says you do your thing and I will do mine do not bother me and I will not bother you and it is leading us to not be able to fuction, to where we have to become accountable to one another.
Every one wants to be treated with respect and when the love for respect is gone for the Lord, we are headed for trouble reardless of who we are.
So turn Maslows Primade upside down and start with the Self-actualization coming to the knowledge of Gods love and what He did to give us eternal life. Water, air, sunshine, a home to rest in and be protected from the elements and recreation to give us a time to play, so we are never bored, looking for something to get ourselves into trouble. It is the goodness of the Lords mercy and grace to all He created, that we need to accept and have faith to work at developing discipline to do and that is obey His commandment and laws, so we are not only protected but provided love, joy and peace regardless of the circumstance we are confronted with. It is the trials of life that enable us to continue on to accomplish God plans then for our lives so we can achieve our potential abiding in the Lord as John the 15th Chapter tells us in His holy word.

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