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Hello my name is Jerral Campfield and this web site is dedicated to Moral Recognition Therapy using Biblical principles. Please come back often to join me in understanding Gods hands are outstretched still to forgive.

Mary full of the Holy Spirit  E-mail
Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Friday, 23 December 2016

What a story that changed the world when it is accepted for Mary was a special young lady, that God showed special favor to, as she was taught by parents or relatives their past history, for the world was very much controlled by Kings, that were ruthless and to hear she was going to have a child that was given to binging peace and Good will to man. Satan was going to take a hit as a new dispensation was beginning so everyone was going to be saved by having faith given by Gods loving GRACE. Luke the 2nd chapter tells the story of how she wanted to be comforted and she know doubt wanted to tell someone special to her, for she was a very alert person with lots of feelings, so visits Elisabeth her cousin whom she knew the most. As soon as they came together the babe in Elisabeth’s womb leaped and she was filled with the Holy Spirit. Do we not need the Holy Spirit in order to live this Christian life, for we all need air to breathe? We now need to know the importance of seeking the fullness of life to achieve our potential and the Holy Spirit is what the Lord wants us all to understand for the Holy Spirit is our life. When the Holy Spirit comes upon a person they know it, for the tongue is activated by God. Elisabeth said, “Mary, you are blessed among women and blessed is your womb and there is a reason you came to me. Blessed are you, for you believe and your performing and it is happening”. Everyone I have seen who has accepted the Lord has changed in behavior and attitude, for it is the Lord that is performing a work in people lives and they begin to perform differently, so here Mary and Elisabeth are both performing as the Lord leads them. We are seeing thousands filled with the Holy Spirit in the Middle East where persecution is the greatest as Radical Muslims are killing Christians. The Holy Spirit empowers one to accept what God has to give His people. Look at Mary as she talks to Elisabeth she begins the most profound statement of the New Testament which is going to usher in the work of Grace, the Lord is establishing a new law, that shows the Lord is giving His body as a living sacrifice, no longer an animal sacrifice but a living Sacrifice that we need to obey .

Mary’s words here are known as the Magnificent starting in verse 46 Her soul is magnified by the Lord in her five senses; her imagination was seeing this child as saving the world from dictators, to a person that loved what He created and her memory was able to see reality, He was a ruler, that wanted the best for all He created. Then her Conscience was pure and holy, knowing she was the one to deliver the Christ child, for He was the delivery of all mankind from sin. Her reason was assured by the angels what was going to take place for her affection was already given to wanting God to intervene.

Her Spirits five senses was full of faithhopereverencefor worshiping the Lord so prayers were answered. Body, Soul and Spirit where really in tune as her Imagination times vividness equaled reality that was really happening in her life. It was not the body that controlled her for the body is human and humans are sinners in need of a savior. It was the Holy Spirit that controlled her and gave her empowerment to look with her eyes to see what is going on and her mouth talks about what was heard and seeing, her feeling can get in the way of reality, so really are confused at time, her nose was not stuck in someone else’s business that causes problems. Then her taste buds are bent on taking in things that God is wanting her to digest what is good. She certainly did not become addict to fame as our nature man can’t take what is good, but we become our own god. This is what we have been taught by new age; you do your thing and I will do mine, don’t bother me and I will not bother you. Mary was led by the Holy Spirit and did a lot of pondering or meditating upon what was happening.

Here we see her humbled by God to where the body gives over to the Spirit and the soul, so she is pondering these things in her heart.  What a principle to learn, so we can keep on knowing the wages of sin, for it has always been death and still is.

So are you seeing the need for believing in God as an individual, for we all need order, if we want to be saved from our enemies. Mary saw that she was going to be blessed above all women. Her baby boy was that person who was going to bring order to the homes, governments without being dictatorial, education based on principles, that allowed one to achieve their potential. Recreation that would allow one to become enduring and physical fit, so they can compete in a world of disorder. Look at what has happen, we no longer want God in education, or our homes and businesses, so we are seeing no discipline, or order that blesses mankind, but disorder and people protesting things that are good for us. This is seen around the world as lawlessness is increasing and People are be deceived as never before. The Holy Spirit is needed today in order to make sure our imagination times vividness equals true reality.

Mary goes on with a tremendous amount of fearing God. It seems like the fear of the Lord is a healthy fear, for it is wisdom, knowing the difference between right and wrong rewards. It seems like one gains strength when one realizes Gods hands are out stretched still to all who accept His call. Her Son, Jesus would scatter the proud in their imagination and put down the mighty, but enlarges the lowly with good and fills the hungry with good things, and the rich He sends away empty. But blesses and helps Israel, giving them mercy, and help, just as He promised to Abraham and his seed. God wants to uses us as we allow Him to tightly hold us in His hands. Just as the Holy Spirit came up on me she said. So He wants to come upon you who fear Him from Generation to generation. He wants to not only show His strength, but wants mankind to do the same as His hands are outstretched to all who come to Him yet today. God will scatter the proud in their imagination to get them to see they are human and humans make mistakes. He wants to exalt or make the lowly feel needy and fill the hungry with good things, and send the rich away empty. 

Are you seeing how the Lord created you with the need for achieving your potential so you can be a blessing rather than a curse on society. We are seeing in living color the drastic difference in those who are breathing the Holy Spirit by being full of the Holy Spirit from those that think they are good. Christians stand out for they are bent on serving the Lord and resisting sins that destroy body, soul and spirit. May this Christmas be the best ever as we accept the gift of gifts as we abide in the Lords loving arms that are out stretched to all still so we can breathe from the Holy Spirit of Gods bountiful love, mercy and grace.

So all you have to do is accept, believe in Gods precious Holy Spirit to give life abundantly as abundantly as the air we breathe. They that worship the Lord worship Him in Spirit and in truth. The Lord is saying come, come to me and I will give you rest. That is peace and goodwill regardless of the circumstance as you just trust and obey now.

Copyright 2005 Jerral Campfield, All rights reserved.